Jane The Virgin: 5.16 Chapter Ninety-Seven

Expect the unexpected…

Throughout Jane the Virgin we have seen Jane struggle with reality vs fiction; both crossover and merge so much that it’s difficult at times to determine which is real. Chapter Ninety-Seven takes this to new heights as Jane receives notes from her new agent that sends everything she thought she knew spinning. We have the lives of our characters foreshadow the climax before the audience witness the fallout. Everything is never as it seems with the reveal though and with nearly 100 episodes shown, the narrator tell us to “expect the unexpected.”

The set up is simple as Jane’s agent Lily suggests she embrace the crime within her new novel and add an explosive climax. Lily plants the idea of revealing that the crime boss in her novel swapped the babies during the kidnapping to heighten the tension. Try as Jane might, she can’t help her world being turned upside with the possibility that this may have happened to Mateo. Anything is possible when the crime boss also submerged Emilio Solano in concrete, face swapped with Detective Susanna Barnett, died, shot Jane’s ex-husband, owns a submarine, admits that said ex-husband is still alive, and hatched a plan to escape from prison. Did I mention that Sin Rostro just casually lived with Luisa in a submarine cause I want to make sure you know this part?

Jane and Rafael take the logical step to DNA test their potentially non-biological son that may have been swapped at birth due to the reasons given above. All the while this allows the mind of the viewer to run wild and think, what if?

Adding to Jane’s issues, Alba learns that the details of her relationship with Pablo in Venezuela are included in Jane’s novel and wishes for Jane to conduct a rewrite. Alba gets her satisfying moment of revenge on Magda as she records Magda threating her in a stairwell similar to the one Magda pushed her down. That move seems to be checkmate on Magda as she decides to leave after bringing an investor to orchestrate setting up a franchise for The Marbella.

We receive our explosive climax in a whirlwind of reveals as Rose gets taken to hospital as the first part of the escape plan is put in place. The multiple masked Rose doubles we seen in an earlier episode are implemented to confuse the police as the ambulance collides with a vehicle and allows for Rose to flee. Bobby takes Luisa to a hidden spot to reunite as Jane and Rafael are in the prison ready to visit the now escaped convict. We are told by Dennis that contrary to Rafael’s beliefs, Luisa has been working with the police for weeks and allowed them to track Rose’s location. We end with a bullet in Bobby and Rose managing to evade capture.

Finally, Rogelio receives the news he has been waiting for as ‘This is Mars’ is officially picked up to go to season. The only problem is River Fields and her daughter, Pond have been failing to connect since she moved from New York to become her mother’s PA. The daughter whisperer swoops in as much to resolve the estrangement as to get River back so his dream of leading an American show can be fulfilled. Rafael discovers that during River Fields’ Emmy acceptance speech she managed to forget to mention her daughter. River thanks everyone from her dog walkers to her sweetheart Publicist.

No task seems to difficult for the daughter whisperer as they manage to re-create not only the Emmy stage but the room she watched the broadcast from and even the friends she gathered together to watch it with. Utterly absurd and totally on-brand for either character. This gets the show back on track with one slight change; River is moving to New York and will be taking the production with her. Now Rogelio must decide whether to leave Miami and his family or give up the dream he’s worked so hard to obtain.

It was full steam ahead for Chapter Ninety-Seven and as the ending went all out, it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. Next, please.


Updated: Jul 20, 2019

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