Jane The Virgin: 5.17 Chapter Ninety-Eight

Just breathe…

We may all need to take a breath after Chapter Ninety-Eight. Rogelio’s expression in the featured image does a great job in recreating what many viewers will have also went through as they watched this episode. No doubts here that this was the best episode of season five, so let’s look back.

At the end of the last episode, we see Rose escaping from jail and avoiding police capture once again. That event caused a great deal of anxiety for Jane as she attempts to continue her dream of becoming a published freaking author. Good news on that front comes in the form of her agent calling to say that publishers love the book and lunches have been set up to discuss offers. To deal with the anxety, Jane’s therapist mentions that Emotionally Focused therapy (EFT) could be beneficial. This involves tapping in sequence areas on the body that may have built up energy. EFT is used throughout the episode as the tension involved reaches new heights.

Before any such lunch, Jane gets the news that Michael has yet to sign off his life rights and without that, the book can’t be published. Michael travels to Miami to speak to Jane about the book and he comes with his pregnant fiance, Charlie. Charlie is very clear about not liking the book; however, she’s not so clear on the reasons behind coming to meet Jane. After Charlie discovers that Michael no longer has the feelings he once had for Jane, she decides to sign the relevant paperwork. Even though the drawn-out arc of Michael and Montana was something that may have been put to bed earlier, this goodbye hit hard.

All too suddenly you hear Rose’s voice. The acting in this segment is stellar. I felt the same shortening of breath watching Gina Rodriguez stare into the eyes of the person who has caused so much pain. Jane is rigid and portrays real fear as Rose struts around enjoying every moment. The plan is simple, call Luisa, tell her to get on a flight back to Miami and if she doesn’t, Rose will kill a loved one. If Jane mentions this to anyone, Rose will kill another loved one. You feel a pang of tension each time the phone rings and Jane has to pretend that everything is fine. The death of Sin Rostro is as satisfying as you had hoped it would be. Sticking to the telenovela format, as always, we receive a confrontation scene and a dramatic ending. The ETF tapping that is introduced earlier gets the payoff as Rafael spots Jane hidden in costume signalling to him.

Rogelio’s ‘This Is Mars’ has been picked up to go to series. The only issue is River is moving the production to New York. ‘This Is Mars’ has been a great thread introduced in season five and it continues to create memorable Rogelio moments, or as Rogelio would call them ‘Romoments’. Xo mentions that she’s gotten into a nursing school in New York so that’s not an issue. The issue arises when Esteban announces that he’s quitting acting to becoming a Reiki healer and has no interest to move to New York. Rogelio becomes increasingly annoyed that Esteban refuses to move and pulls out all the tricks, including offering him the part of the villain in the production. Amusingly, Esteban and Darcy had a plan from the beginning to secure that role and celebrate their success after Rogelio leaves.

In the end, we conclude on good news. During the palpable meeting between Jane and Rose, an offer of 25k was rejected for her book. Instead, an auction is placed and the offer ends at 500k. Rafael’s line of “you did it, you did this” is packed with emotion. The good news of Esteban and Darcy agreeing to move to New York with Xo and Rogelio quickly changes from ‘good news at the moment, bad news in reflection’.

An episode to remember and soon all we will be left with from Jane the Virgin is some amazing Romoments.


Updated: Jul 27, 2019

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