Jane The Virgin: 5.15 Chapter Ninety-Six

Jane The Virgin heads into its final run.

As we approach chapter 100, Jane and many others are taking their careers into their own hands. Xiomara is hitting prep for nursing school as hard as Rogelio is pushing his agent Barry to give him the good news he’s been waiting for on the This Is Mars pilot. Jane finds herself in the zone in regards to her new novel and even Rose and Luisa’s “career” gets taken to the next level.

Starting off where Chapter NinetyFive ended, Petra looks on towards her mother in the hospital bed after being told she will lose yet another limb. The narrator says what everyone is thinking by making a quip regarding Magda’s other lost limb. I’ve known cockroaches to survive less ordeal’s than what Petra’s mother has gone through and as much as Magda is pretty much awful, you do have to respect the persistence.

As it goes from bad to worse for Magda, Petra finds out that sending a plug and thumbs up emoji is not sufficient confirmation to take your mother off life support. Who knew? Even as Magda is about to take her final breath and leave this world behind, she comes back from the brink. I mean, how can you not commend how stubborn she is not to die.

Also stubborn in their pursuit, Rogelio and River are testing their pilot in front of a test audience before it goes to the network. Rogelio takes a sizeable chunk of Chapter NinetySix running time and the ‘This Is Mars’ arc continues to bring the goods. As we see their test audience mirror the editing of the show as we cut abruptly from the older cast members to the young, both Rogelio and River decide that a new edit needs to focus on their ability due to the feedback being poor whenever both were on screen together.

As I bask in the delusion and absurdity that is a conversation between both stars, they hitch a plan to infiltrate the studio execs getaway. Unfortunately, the plan is cancelled at the last moment due to Rogelio’s father duty with Baby, who we haven’t seen a great deal of throughout the season. An observation that Darcy also makes in the explanation why Rogelio isn’t allowed to refuse babysitting duty. This is Mars has quickly become a sleeper hit from season five due to how far they’re planning to take it and the willingness and commitment Rogelio is selling it.

Elsewhere, selling is something that Jane is struggling with as she attempts to find a publisher to represent her newest work. We are told by the narrator that her life would change forever at the age of 30 years and six months old. The episode does a good job of giving potential threads that this could be related to and therefore leaves you guessing. We eventually get the news that a publisher wants to represent her and the reaction is found with humour as the celebration is held in the hospital waiting room.

As is well versed with the show, intrigue and obstacle are never far away and we have this in the form of Luisa working with Rose again. A plan is put in place to trick Rafael into believing that an item currently in his safe is valuable and so Raf removes this causing the camera to catch the code used to open it. A final shot of a room filled with money and several Rose look-a-likes brings this one to a close.


Updated: Jul 16, 2019

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