Jane the Virgin: 5.05 Chapter Eighty Six

Gary McCurry reviews the fifth episode of Jane the Virgin season five

“Jane the virgin sad, graying, 30-year-old who lives with her Grandma and is $40,000 in debt and is spending her 30th birthday in a ditch.” That’s the culmination of what our lead goes through in Chapter Eighty-six.

The playful nature of the narrator is back and in full force with comments on the benefits, defending his craft and sharing in the heartbreak. We bounce around at a blistering pace in this episode and never linger long enough to settle in. Despite this, the show has the capacity to truly grab you whether it be moments of laughter or emotion.

Our “To be continued” moment last week was Rafael saying that Jane should leave as he doesn’t want to go through another triangle that he is fearful of the same result the last time this happened. We pick up three weeks before Jane’s 30th party as they sit around the dinner table agreeing to a party that will include a real-life unicorn, ice sculpture and signature cocktails. This was before the aforementioned Rafael statement that has thrown both the birthday party and her life up in the air.

The scenes we see are like spinning plates as the editor goes around spending enough time to ensure one never loses its momentum and falls. Michael pops in to say that the insurance company believe they attempted to commit fraud and want both to pay back $40,000. Mateo is acting out and refuses to acknowledge or listen to Jane due and Darcy and Esteban are back as Xo has been given the ok to be around the child. Petra and Milos continue as tragedy hits the Marbella in the form of no shrimp wherein puns were made and I laughed. Less funny was JR stating that she has troubles trusting Petra. Oh, and how can I forget Jorge’s “pipi”. It’s a lot. The information I mean.

Jane comes to the conclusion that Rafael is right and he shouldn’t wait around until she decides what to do with her husband who came back from the dead and had amnesia but doesn’t any more feelings.

Chapter Eighty-six continues to build, however, we are kept interested by the b plot points and serious consequences for decisions made in a past life in many cases. Although I’m still left unsure of the Michael and Rafael same but different triangle, we know that the story will be true to the telenovela roots and to the heart that beats strongly beneath the surface of every scene.


Updated: Apr 30, 2019

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