Jane the Virgin: 5.04 Chapter Eighty Five

Gary McCurry reviews the fourth episode of Jane the Virgin season five

We need to talk about Jason. At the end of the previous episode, the Michael memories came flooding back so maybe it’s once again Michael. Regardless, Chapter Eighty Four has me and Jane thinking should that have been the end of the Jason/Michael arc?

Some believe Michael is Jane’s soulmate and that certainly may have been the case, however, four years and new life later are these souls still destined to be?

Chapter Eighty Four, as made evident by my introductory ramblings is more about setting up questions rather than answering them. Nightmares play a heavy part in the episode and this highlights the intentionally absurd nature of the show at times as well as to lighten the tone should it need it. Jane finds out that her nightmare her subconscious makes is nothing compared to the one reality has waiting for her as Rafael asks her to leave. This is in response to his question on whether she still loves Michael and Jane’s answer of “I don’t know.”

The teasing of when Jane finds out about Michael’s memories is dangled playfully in front of us by the narrator. Most of the action surrounds this as the episode is very much a building episode for what is to come. To me, it almost felt like an episode from a few seasons back due to the triangle of Rafael and Michael and Petra and her mother. Looks to be a case of the more things change the more they stay the same.

Talking of Magda (Petra’s mother) making her return, her motive is simple; to scheme money off her daughter whenever the opportunity arises. This is no surprise as we’ve seen these antics being attempted many times before. Aside from Magda or as she’s described the “really mean one with the hook and the eye patch” Jane’s advise for Petra to butt dial JR in the hopes she’d respond worked. This creates an excuse for Petra and JR to text and a bigger reason for Petra to freak out and attempt to consult Jane in every possible step along the way, including a path paved with alcohol. We end with them both seemingly back together and no other way says we’re back together like JR having to take an axe to the handcuffs Magda attached to herself and Petra in an attempt to get Petra to hand over $50,000. Who says romance is dead?

Elsewhere, the best moment goes to Xo and Mateo dancing at the Grandparents day as Xo finishes her final round of chemo. The dance seemed to be a little too much for her body to handle as the look on her face alters everyone to act. Although Xo is said to be fine, her desire to not just fade away is powerful.

The consequences are certain to come as we slow down during Chapter Eighty Four, however, as we all know friends, Jane the Virgin is a telenovela after all.


Updated: Apr 20, 2019

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