iZombie: 5.11 Killer Queen

Liv gets fabulous after the death of a drag queen.

A drag queen is the murder victim this episode. Liv gets to eat their brain and act the diva. Ravi and Major get to go on an important mission investigating the missing Freylich brain kids. Liv pleads with her father to stop the plans he has put into motion and it’s Don E and Darcy’s wedding day. What could possibly go wrong?

Killer Queen seems to be an episode mostly concerned with setting up the show’s finale. By the end of its runtime several people have died, important plot points have been revealed and we’ve got a pretty good idea how things are likely to play out. It’s a shame then that the actual episode seems slightly lacking, especially when it comes to the murder of the week aspect.

When the victim was revealed as a drag queen I thought we were in for another great performance from Rose McIver. However instead of vamping it up, she mostly comes across as an old posh woman wearing too much makeup. I wonder if they were determined not to offend anyone; whatever the reason the performance seems off and in my opinion it’s a big wasted opportunity. With only two episodes to go, tbis may be the last murder investigation we’ll see.

A far better part of the episode is Ravi and Major’s investigation into another murder victim who until very recently was a zombie. Unfortunately for him, his wife’s discovery of his affair and subsequent revenge shooting happens after he has been cured. Ravi hatches a plan to seduce the woman the victim was having an affair with and who he believes was responsible for obtaining the cure.

In order to do this, he needs Major’s help -namely being “gigolo bait”. After planting a tracking device on their mark  they manage to rescue a truck full of Freylich brain kids from Blaine’s kidnapping operation. Ravi and Major’s bromance has often been a highlight of the show and Killer Queen is no exception. Their chemistry is excellent and the two of them provide nearly all the laughs of the episode. It’s a good thing they do because the rest of the episode isn’t exactly a laugh riot.

Even though he’s killed various people in the past, Blaine has often come across as a lovable rogue. Now though it seems he may be being set up as a genuine villain that will need defeating by the time this is all over. Kidnapping kids for their Freylich brains seems one step too far, even if he is waiting until they die first before brain extraction. Well, I’m assuming he is, that part’s not entirely clear. There is also a very high likelihood that he has played some part in the death of Darcy.

That’s right. On their wedding day of all days, Don E must face the tragic death of his bride to be. That this comes soon after Blaine has learnt that Don E is still supplying brains to Fillmore Graves and can help him out of his financial crisis seems a little suspect. I predicted that things were not going to end well for the happy couple and now I wonder if Don E will be the one to take Blaine down if indeed there is foul play.

More death comes in the shape of Stephen, the hostage Martin and Enzo have been using as leverage to infiltrate Renegade’s smuggling business. With their plan finally enacted and four zombie women smuggled out to Las Vegas there is no reason to keep him around any longer. At first Martin is just going to let him go but the dastardly Enzo convinces him to be more ruthless. This is another example of Martin wavering; there have been a few instances in previous episodes where it’s implied that Liv’s dad might not be a complete bad guy. Unfortunately for him the final time this is implied is just as Enzo shoots him in the head.

Yes, Liv’s father bites the big one, and in a slightly odd fashion. He’s on a video call with Liv and it seems she’s just about convinced him to abandon his evil plan when Enzo interrupts. He shoots Martin in the back of his head, dislodging his dodgy wig and revealing the metal plate that we saw back at the start of the season when he was first introduced. It hasn’t been mentioned since and I wondered about it’s significance. Obviously it’s protection from being shot in the brain and works like a charm. Of course it works for about two seconds before Enzo shoots him in the forehead. I’m not sure whether the writers had other plans for this device but it seems strangely wasted.

As the episode come to a close Liv has lost her father, Don E has lost his bride and there are now zombies posing as prostitutes in Nevada ready to infect a whole bunch of visitors at a convention. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but I imagine this time the whole country is going to find out about it. It’s the penultimate episode next time out and things look ready to explode.


Updated: Jul 22, 2019

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