Hooten & The Lady: 1.03 Egypt

Hooten and the Lady travel to Egypt, to try and find the final resting place of the mummy of Alexander the Great.

The Egyptian tomb of Alexander the Great is the target in this week’s episode of Hooten and the Lady. Our protagonists are no longer relying on happenstance to work together, their mismatched relationship now more firmly established.

Watching the show is now a case of trying to figure out who is going to betray our heroes this time. Although it seems this time it’s Hooten betraying everyone else by absconding with a priceless artefact. But rest assured, the model isn’t being messed with this time.

The Mummy is the key influence this time around, with tombs and mummies and medallions that are keys. No actual undead or curses, but there is a secret society involved. There’s an odd sub-plot of Greek ultra-nationalists, trying to re-energise a crippled nation; a tiny bit of modern European politics an amidst the shenanigans. Thankfully it’s not dwelt on too much.

HATL knows it’s formula and sticks to it well: Take a well-loved classic of the genre, adapt and update it, add in some archaeology, tomb-raiding and two-fisted action, mix with a bit of betrayal from hidden antagonists and update for the modern age. That’s it. Obviously there’s also the much-hinted at wedding of Lady Alex to some man we’ve yet to meet which will likely reach a conclusion by the end of the season, but that’s as complicated as it gets. But it is with its simplicity that it succeeds; a joyful, fast-paced romp that allows it to glide over strange narrative choices and hand-wavey plot leaps.

Next week, their tale will take us to Bhutan, in what appears to be a story inspired by Temple of Doom.

Stephan Burn

Updated: Oct 03, 2016

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