Hooten & The Lady: 1.02 Rome

Hooten & The Lady travel to Rome with Jane Seymour, in this week’s episode of Sky’s adventure show.

Another week brings another location and another MacGuffin, for Hooten and Lady Alex, this time on a mission from God. Hooten, who as it happens has the first name of Ulysses, has a slowly developing backstory that was first hinted at last week; a deep connection to the church, and nuns in particular. And it’s the church that sends him on his next quest: The last of the prophetic Sibylline Books.

Rome also brings another new character in the form of Jane Seymour, who plays Lady Alex’s adopted mother.

Once again there’s action and betrayal aplenty this episode, and the pace continues to whistle along. The betrayal this time comes in the form of the mafia, attempting to extort the Vatican, threaten some nuns and generally be a bit careless with ancient prophetic literature.

The sub plot this time is Lady Alex’s forthcoming wedding. That’s why her mother is in town, to help the reluctant fiancé choose a dress. We can only assume that this storyline, which has been building as much pace as Hooten’s monastic origins, will build towards perhaps yet another betrayal by the end of the season.

Rather than the Indiana Jones feel of last week’s episode, this one has a Dan Brown feel. Sillier, perhaps, but more fun. Light and frothy as HATL may be, it’s in pace and fun that it does well, keeping true to it’s pulp adventure origins. An excellent example of a simple premise: As long as it’s fun and not boring, you can get away with just about anything.

Stephan Burn

Updated: Sep 26, 2016

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