Homeland 6.11: R Is For Romeo

Saul joins forces with Keane to shut down the disinformation campaign once and for all, while Dar detains Max, and things come to a head for Carrie and Quinn in the penultimate episode of the tense drama series.

“Toxic Soldier?, that’s Quinn?”
“That’s his handle, supposedly. He started posting on conspiracy sites about four months ago.”

With only two episodes left of this, the sixth season of Channel 4’s Homeland, tonight’s episode entitled R Is For Romeo quickly and efficiently concludes plot points and concludes on an explosive ending ready for next week’s season finale.

We find Quinn and Carrie holed up in the half finished house across the street from the flag house, keeping tabs on Dar’s assassin. Quinn advises Carrie of what he saw with the swapped van in the garage of the flag house. An argument starts between them and Quinn confesses he knows that Carrie woke him early from his coma causing him to suffer his stroke and put him in his current state. This argument has been boiling and simmering for the previous ten episodes and the interplay between Claire Danes and Rupert Friend has the requisite writing and acting behind it.

After his change of heart last week thanks to his ex-wife, Saul presents President-Elect Keane with evidence connecting Dar Adal with Brett O’Keefe. O’Keefe takes credit publicly for the distribution of the Andrew Keane video and invites Keane onto his show. Keane accepts. On the show, Keane publicly states she believes the video was tampered with and edited by O’Keefe to make it look like her son was running away from danger when in fact he was running towards a fallen comrade. The scenes play out with a wonderful back and forth, with credit to Marvel’s acting as Keane, showing the pain only a mother knows from seeing her sons’ final moments in life played across YouTube. The actor who plays O’Keefe, Jake Weber, has a grating accent though, half way between Australian and American which comes across as comical at points, diffusing the scene of tension at times.

Max, still at the facility gets a meal tray and a key card to help him escape. Escape he doesn’t, when he leaves but gets bundled into the back of a van to be presented to Dar Adal. Dar, being Dar, asks for Max’s help in ascertaining what O’Keefe has in store for Quinn. Max does what he does best and finds out that they are going to try and prove Quinn is a conspiracy nut, with a hatred of Keane in particular, when we all know, yes Quinn sure acts crazy, see his ‘monkey’ antics earlier with Carrie but these are all prefabricated lies and Quinn is actually onto something with his ideas and thoughts.

As morning breaks, we see that regardless of the argument earlier in the episode, Carrie has stayed with Quinn overnight. Clearly she still has a nature to mother him and explain her actions. Quinn leaves to trail the Spec Ops group but not before telling Carrie how to get into the Flag House. Carrie goes into the Flag House and is confronted by Belli and gets saved by Quinn who brutally dispatches Belli with an unflinching camera locked onto his face as Quinn pounds away with his fists, leaving him a deathly bloodied pulp. Quinn has released his inner anger and let it flow through his fists. Carrie gets help from General Pallis who advises Quinn will be granted immunity.

At the flag house, Quinn is investigating a white board used by the Spec Ops team and can see references to various coded letters, R for Romeo and B for Bravo, meaning East Coast time and Middle Eastern time respectively. As the episode ends Carrie watches from the front yard as FBI Agents unlock the garage to retrieve the van, triggers a hidden bomb, the garage explodes as Carrie and Quinn check for survivors.

The season as a whole has been a fantastic one across all of its 11 episodes and R Is For Romeo is no exception. Well written, well directed and more importantly well acted. This season has been one of the more involved and interesting seasons and being more politically on point like the first few seasons were.

Craig Huntley

Updated: Apr 09, 2017

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