Homeland 6.10: The Flag House

Black Ops specialist Dar chooses his moment to play his hand, while Quinn takes a trip down memory lane as he revisits his past, but whether it is a happy journey remains to be seen as the thrilling drama continues.

After last week’s cliffhanger of Quinn leaving to zero in on Dar’s henchman, we find him in a familiar neighbourhood where he catches up with a waitress who calls him “Johnny”. Quinn visits a nearby house where he flashes back to a time when he was deep in the field on various missions. It’s striking to see the transformation of Rupert Friend’s character as we see him pre-stroke in the flashback and then after in present day. The physical change is a shock but shows us what the actor puts into his role. The scene ends with Quinn escaping before being caught but not before he sees a familiar van emblazoned with Medina Medley.

Our very own snake in the grass, Dar Adal, has a juicy head to head with President-Elect Keane this week. Being a political beast, Dar makes some veiled threats towards Keane after Keane makes some threats of her own. It’s a interesting, well written, well acted scene between Elizabeth Marvel and F. Murray Abraham, consummate actors at the top of their game. Dar releases the video of Keane’s sons final moment making him look cowardly and this quickly goes viral with the help of O’Keefe’s fake social media network seen in last weeks episode. It’s unnerving to this viewer how easy this type of action can be. When we log onto Facebook or Twitter are we really seeing truth or are we seeing ‘truth’? It’s a fascinating subject, something Homeland does well in it’s running time but is unable to investigate fully.

As we hurtle towards the end of this season of Homeland plotlines are starting to wrap up. Saul is preparing to leave the country and go into hiding for fear of the actions requested of Carrie from last week’s episode. But after going to see his ex-wife Mira, he changes his mind. Visiting Carrie at her brownstone, he let’s himself in as she is not home and notices the video that Max filmed of Dar at O’Keefe’s company earlier in the episode.

The meat of the episode revolves around Carrie this week though and her fight to gain access to Frannie. After an unusual comment from her driver dropping her off at her deposition after Carrie is advised Frannie is sick and she cannot be seen, Carrie refuses to go through with her deposition. Dar has got into her head. Shortly after Carrie is advised Frannie is well and it was another child that was ill. At episodes end, Quinn is shown with a strategic position next to the ‘flag house’ with a sniper pointed at the people inside.

The tension is ratcheted up a few knots in this episode. An episode that has a lot to say but has limited time to explore the subjects it raises to its full potential. Another great episode as we head to the penultimate episode next week.

Craig Huntley

Updated: Apr 02, 2017

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