Homeland 6.09: Sock Puppets

Carrie’s luck change and she finally catches a break. Elsewhere, Keane sets about making crucial plans, while Max is forced to go undercover.

After last weeks shocking conclusion, the revelations keep on coming in this week’s episode of Homeland entitled Sock Puppets.

Last week’s episode alt.truth was a surprisingly kinetic episode and the opening scenes of this episode takes a step back and has a breath. We find Carrie sitting with a shrink talking through her recent actions and where her head space is at currently. The camera is static and is near enough a close up of Carrie, showing her entire range of emotions as she is grilled by the shrink. You can see that Carrie is fighting hard for her right to see her own flesh and blood.

The Darth Vader of Homeland Season Six is clearly Dar Adal. The camera following over his shoulder as he glides down the halls of a hotel where he meets Javadi, who he cleverly corners and gets a couple of goons to stuff him in a laundry cart, but not before Javadi can get an open phone call to Carrie (and in turn Saul) who overhears the assault. It’s clever on Dar Adal’s part to corner Javadi like this, to get him to lower his defences, ever so slightly, another string in Dar’s bow of deceitfulness. Our intrepid heroes Saul and Carrie arrive much later after Dar and Javadi have left.

After the untimely death of Conlin by the hand of Carries neighbour in the Bournesque shootout in a previous episode, Max (Maury Sterling) follow’s up on his work by getting a position at the tech start up Conlin was investigating. A Facebook or Microsoft style company, Max helps out by solving a company wide programme issue, and is instantly put into the good books of the higher ups. The way we find out what the start up doing is effectively shown by this week’s director Dan Attias, with a shockingly large media wall showing all the fake media accounts that are for the sole purpose of pushing owner Brett O’Keefe’s (Jake Weber) political stance. Could this type of thing be happening in the real world the episode screams at you. Is this how Trump became President? A bit of a ‘hitting the nail on the head’ heavy metaphor but a relevant one none the less.

The one character the audience can relate to, outside of the duo of Carrie and Saul, is President-Elect Keane. Shown and advised on so many different plots, her head, along with the audience must be spinning. After the head turn of Javadi in last week’s episode, Keane brings in a Solicitor General, George Pallis. Pallis is investigating Dar Adal and his activities. Keane brings in Carrie to have a face to face and advises their course of action, which due to ‘lack of evidence’ Carrie is angry at. Pallis wants to get Carrie to testify against Dar Adal about his actions at the Berlin station in a previous season. Carrie cannot do this as this would expose Saul’s relationship with Allison, who was eventually ousted as the mole. This leads to a rather humorous but frostily written sequence with Saul and Carrie on a park bench where they both attack each other verbally.

At the episode’s conclusion, we see Dar being driven home and being rude to his driver. At his home we find Quinn hiding in the shadows. Dar continues to mess with his head by acting like a kindly father figure. It doesn’t stop Quinn from pistol wiping the smile off his face though. At episodes end we see Quinn outside listening in to Dar talking to the assassin from last week about leaving Quinn on his own. Quinn located the assassins location and he merges with the night.

Another fantastic episode from Homeland this week. Compared to other high end shows that are currently on air, namely The Walking Dead , Homeland is head and shoulders above everything else. It keeps us on the edge of our seat week in week out and keeps us wanting to see what happens next.

Craig Huntley

Updated: Mar 26, 2017

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