Heroes Reborn: The Needs of the Many

Are ‘The Needs of the Many’ viewers satisfied in episode 4?

Heroes Reborn continues with “The Needs of the Many”, an episode title I want to come back to in a minute. After all, we ought to briefly cover off El Vengador going the full Batman, with increased armour, Veng-Mobile and a sidekick that gets kidnapped within about 2 minutes of discovering his hero’s secret.

Luke Collins reveals that he’s now an Evo to his murderous wife, who decides her hate for Evos is stronger than her love for her husband. But at least she doesn’t execute him on the spot, so perhaps that latent spark will re-ignite and romance can be rekindled between the former vigilantes.

Noah ‘Amnesia’ Bennet and Quentin ‘Exposition’ Frady continue their quest to find Molly Walker, and collect enough information and/or fellow Evos to save the world once more.

We get to spend a little more time with Malina, who seems to have control over natural life, in between constantly alluding to The Threat and paraphrasing lines that were barely tolerably cheesy in Lord of The Rings.

So, “The Needs of the Many”. It’s a well-worn phrase; “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” is famously attributed to Star Trek II, The Wrath of Kahn, but is based on a phrase by utilitarian Jeremy Bentham. The implication in Heroes is that Odessa’s tragedy, that world’s 9/11, was a possible false flag operation by Renautus to kill, discredit and eventually profit from Evos. So far so whacky conspiracy theory. But Renautus’ CEO is adamant that she is a nigh-messianic savior of mankind, sacrificing the few to benefit all of mankind; and the value of her share options. Aside from the fact that Erica plans to kill 7 billion people, hardly ‘the few’, aren’t we all a little tired of this dated trope? Not only the blatant and clumsy 9/11 reference, but this thin debate of utilitarianism vs. the deontological ethics of doing the right thing. Even Star Trek managed to get past this with a level of nuance in time. A nuance as yet entirely lacking in this show.

While everything else is expositioned within an inch of its life, The Threat is still only alluded to, a third of the way through the mini-series. At a guess it’ll be an unintended consequence of Erica’s plan to ‘save’ the world, but will audiences stay tuned long enough to find out?

Stephan Burn

Updated: Mar 08, 2016

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