Heroes Reborn – June 13th Part One

They can’t save the cheerleader, but they might be able to save the world.

In the seventh episode, Hiro and Noah return to the start; June 13th, one year ago. Ground zero of this world’s 9/11, the place and time when everything changed for the Evo’s. That also means it’s guest star central! Key amongst those is, of course Mohinder, long accused of being responsible for the Odessa tragedy. Poor, naïve Mohinder, who wanted to save the world. Erica was going to allow him to do that, but by making him the scapegoat; not with anything high-minded or academic. Where would we be if we started trusting smart people with good intentions?

And then there’s Angela Petrelli, who has had visions of the future, the explosion, the end of the world. The Threat, or the Human Extinction Level Event or HELE as they insist on calling it, consists of a changing of the Earth’s magnetic poles, and only the Evo’s can restore the world. To save humanity, or whatever’s left of it.

Noah, of course, is only interested in finding his daughter Claire. All along, since the first episode, she’s been haunting him, and he went back in time with Hiro mostly to see her, to save the cheerleader one more time. Sadly Hayden Panettiere didn’t sign up for this season, so even when Noah does find her, ‘her’ face is covered, literally shrouded. How did she die? Giving birth to two children, Malina and Nathan, or Tommy as we know him.

I won’t dwell much on the blatant Star Wars reference, the non-identical twins, split up at birth to save the future. But I can’t leave it unsaid.

The episode on the whole dwells a lot on themes Kring spent a lot of tie on in the original series: Destiny, fate, pre-destination. Rope in the fruitlessness of time travel, the ever-evolving futures and paradoxes. At this point all the cards are on the table, the pieces are in place for the future. All that’s left is, in part two, for Noah to successfully get back to the present, for Hiro to sacrifice himself, and for the remaining five episodes to carry on bringing characters together and for the end to resolve itself, one way or another. There are unlikely to be any shocks or surprises in the remaining episodes, but anyone who has held on this long will continue through to the bitter end.

Stephan Burn

Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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