Heroes Reborn: Game Over

Digital Hiro’s Reborn – Heroes takes on The Matrix.

Once more Miko and Noah begin in the same place, acting in parallel, keeping the forward momentum of their own storylines going. Until now they’ve never interacted with those of the others, like a soap opera. Now at least Noah and Miko have met up. Furthermore, closing another loop, the shadow manipulator, Phoebe, is conspiracy nut Quentin’s sister.

Similarly, elsewhere Malina meets Luke, another bit of pre-destination. Luke, after a lifetime of hating all of those now like him, has decided to take the final way out. It is Malina that saves him from himself when he changes his mind. Although how she makes her wind power work underwater I guess we’ll never know.

Emily and Tommy progress their blossoming teen romance, trip to Paris and all. It’s a shame though that apparently even France scans for Evos. A perfect excuse for Tommy to teleport elsewhere an lay some exposition on Emily and for her to illustrate his destiny with a comic book and pop psychology.

In terms of the grander plot, Renautus recognises The Threat, but rather than seek to avert it, is sending supplies and people to the future. They have harnessed the power of Hiro Nakamura. But, they had to trap him in a place without time or space: EverNow. We’ve already seen Miko transport physically into the video game world, a fact that turns out to be in fact inverted. So it’s not so great a stretch that Renautus could have done the same to Hiro to upload him. Have they turned the concept of a digital alternate reality, over layered and overlapping our own, into a blunt instrument? Is it even that odd a concept, however simply applied, in a world with superheroes and time travel?

It certainly can’t be said that Heroes Reborn doesn’t propel the stories forward, but it never doesn’t feel disjointed. Even now as the strands are starting to be woven together. No matter how often the show tries to ride on the coattails of other pop-culture, this episode was especially Matrix

Stephan Burn

Updated: Mar 23, 2016

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