Heroes Reborn – Company Woman

The penultimate episode of Heroes Reborn!

The penultimate episode of Heroes Reborn is entitled Company Woman, and you’ll nodoubtedly have made the connection to Erica Kravid, around whom this week’s episode revolves. You see, while the rest of the world decides to start their panic, their scientists only just becoming aware of the Human Extinction Event scant hours before the deadline, it has been deemed necessarily for us to understand who she hates Evos more than she loves humankind. What could possibly motivate a woman to such hatred? Well, an Evo promised to heal her dying father in return for illicit and unwanted sexual favours. This gifted her with her daughter Taylor, and an undying hatred for those people with powers. Nothing could motivate hatred in a woman other than being raped, right?

It’s this kind of lazy writing that’s been the thorn in this show’s side, the half-baked way characters are established and their motivations set up and communicated. Unneeded, unwanted, and inexcusable. Perhaps the writers knew the show was going to be cancelled by this point and were just phoning it in?

That aside, her background reasoned away in flashbacks, Erica is set up for an emotional showdown with Taylor, one in which even Taylor’s unborn child cannot help to participate in. Three generations of Kravids, spilling tears, hoping to make us care one more time.

Elsewhere, Tommy/Nathan so very nearly gets to finally be reunited with his sister Malina, but it’s to no avail. That, no doubt tearful, reunion which will save the world, is being saved for the finale next week. It’s not long now until it’s all over, for the heroes and for Heroes; more like final rites than a last hurrah.

Stephan Burn

Updated: May 05, 2016

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