Heroes – Project Reborn

The final chapter of the final series of Heroes Reborn!

So, the final episode of Heroes Reborn, where all things come together. And by all things I mean, finally, Nathan and Malina finally meeting up to save the world. Again. Of course first Nathan has to escape the digital prison, find new and enhanced time-based powers and realise that time is a circle. Not a flat circle mind, that’d be a different and much better show.

There’s been a lot of characters having to kill their loved-ones in this show, and there’s been one last one this episode. A conduit is needed between the twins, a final sacrifice is needed, one last cheap emotional trigger to try and wrong some pathos from the show.

The real hero of this episode though, and this show in many ways, is Luke Collins. He’s actually had a full arc, from villain, to rock-bottom, to the steady climb to heroism and, yet again, sacrifice.

Sacrifice has been the biggest theme of this first and last season of Heroes Reborn; sometimes done well and, more often than not, done poorly. Played by Zachary Levi, best known as Chuck from the eponymous show, has stolen every valuable moment from the others, and has absolutely been the highlight of it all.

The ending of Heroes Reborn, after all the dust has settled, has a new threat for the world and the twins: Malina and Nathan’s father. The identity of the father is revealed in the ebook Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World a prequel to Heroes Reborn. But, as the show was cancelled, it’s a story we’ll never see resolved. And judging by the quality of the first season, it deserves to be the last.

Stephan Burn

Updated: May 10, 2016

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