Great British Bake Off – Live Blog: 7.04

The show must go on…

Hello and welcome to The Great British Bake Off liveblog. It’s a weird one this week for two reasons. Firstly the theme is batter, which has never be done before on GBBO and will see the contestants making pancakes, which I’m not entirely sure counts as baking but we’ll forgive because, well, we’ve got bigger problems to deal with, don’t we?

And that brings us on to the second problem. We found out earlier this week that this is going to be the last series of GBBO that’s broadcast on the BBC and the last series that’s going to have Mel and Sue at the helm. Basically, it’s the last series of GBBO, right? Nothing is ever going to be the same or good or pure ever again. This is it.

And the worst part? The contestants don’t know yet. They’re blithely making their Yorkshire puddings and panicking over pancakes, not aware that the end is already nigh. They’re like people looking up at the light from stars, not aware that those stars burnt out long ago and they’re just seeing the residual light. It’s heartbreaking.

That gives you a pretty good idea of the tone of the rest of the liveblog, to be honest. I am not a happy bunny and I am not going to pretend to be.

Amy is liveblogging this week. Recommended snack is a giant bar of Dairy Milk to drown your sorrows in.

Amy Jones

Updated: Sep 14, 2016

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