Great British Bake Off – Live Blog: 7.02

It’s biscuit week in the tent

It’s biscuit week, but you won’t get away with a tray of slightly broken digestives here my friend. No, biscuit week in GBBO means making a biscuit containing gold, platinum or precious stones for a signature, making a bed out of ginger snaps for the technical, sleeping in that bed overnight and then baking three hundred identical mini replicas of barnyard animals made out of shortbread for a showstopper.

In all seriousness, biscuit week now usually means the contestants have to build something out of biscuits, which usually means we get to see elaborate biscuity buildings collapse and contestants trying not to cry. It’s very dramatic, and it gets us through those first few dull weeks when we’re still sifting through the contestants who are duller than Rich Teas in order to get to the Hobnobs ones behind them.

I am so tired the screen in front of me in blurry, so I may well be slightly delirious throughout this liveblog. It’s fine, it’ll add to the fun. I’ll go down a Red Bull, too, to make it really interesting.

Amy Jones

Updated: Aug 31, 2016

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