Great British Bake Off – Live Blog: 7.01

It’s series seven! Let’s get baking

Hello, and welcome to [email protected]’s The Great British Bake Off liveblog! This was remarkably popular last year – or, at least, my mum refreshed the page enough times for our overlords to think it was popular – so we decided to do it again.
Last year was a golden year for GBBO, with winner Nadiya being so funny and hilarious that even the most crusty-hearted of people couldn’t fail to love her. Will this year compare without her beautiful face gurning at us from across the tent?

And of course, what will this year’s scandal be? We had bingate, custardgate, enormoussquirrelnadsgate and floorgate – what’s this year? Shortbreadgate? Forkgate? Sheepgate?

Pop along to the GBBO website to check out the contestants, and let’s all place our bets on how long it’ll take for me to start fancying Andrew, shall we?

Amy Jones

Updated: Aug 24, 2016

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