Gotham: Legend of the Dark Knight 5.12 The Beginning…

#Gotham marks its 100th and final ever episode in epic style.

The Gotham finale makes a 10 year jump into the future as we see what has become of Commissioner Jim Gordon’s Gotham City. It was important that with the show leaving our screens, it did not leave any unanswered questions and that it left memorably. Gotham has been consistently entertaining from the offset and it has delivered some amazing storylines and fantastic character performances. Gotham’s last entry They Did What? certainly could have been the finale given that it closed off the No Man’s Land arc, albeit not as spectacular as hoped for.

Bruce’s departure of Gotham in the previous entry was a fitting one; we knew in some way he’d be back in Gotham when it needed him (in the guise of the Dark Knight), whether this episode happened or not. His epilogue before the time-leap was insightful. But then, anything to do with the caped crusader is exciting. One of the best compliments this finale can be given is its staying true to the comics by design – seeing Oswald gear up in the classic top hat and jaunty monocle was eagerly awaited. With the weight gain, his limp and this traditional outfit he well and truly is, Penguin as we wanted him.

Jeremiah always had to return, despite the true-to-comic demise he met in Ace Chemicals, Gotham just wasn’t ready to part ways with its finest villain. Besides, how can you have the Dark Knight without the Joker? His faking being in his vegetative state despite being stabbed, beaten and bruised was so very Joker-esque – he actually puts Gotham’s other villains to shame. Cameron Monaghan’s performance of Jeremiah/The Joker throughout the show has been exquisite, if not the stand out performance of the series, and in a role with such reputation thanks to a certain Mr Ledger.

Despite this praise for an infamous character such as Jeremiah, the finale should have given more to the Riddler and the Penguin; these characters have been there from day one and have evolved and produced many a special moments across the series. Gotham has done brilliantly in its inclusion of so many Batman heroes and villains but we should get to see the futures of those we’ve come to love or hate over a show spanning five plus years.

Gotham leaves our screens and with it a legacy of being a daring and excitable explosion of DC characters and stories, putting it’s own unique spin on the DC universe. At times the shoot-outs were laughable and the story arcs were frustrating but it was always entertaining. Being able to follow Gotham‘s most infamous characters over the series has truly been a gift – especially the origin story of a young Bruce Wayne turning into the Dark Knight as we’ve come to know him from a catalogue of Batman films.

This season – and the series finale – leaves Gotham in the very safe hands of the legend that is, the Dark Knight.

Daniel Davies

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

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