Girls: 5.04 Old Loves

Hel continues with her Girls reviews and seems to be particularly pleased with the inclusion of Corey Stoll this week.

Can I end up alone but not like Cher?
You’re already like Cher.
I’m going to choose to take that as a compliment.

Just as predicted, things are a little tetchy between Fran and Hannah after the deletion of his, um, sexy visual aids. This week’s episode opener has him correcting the grammar on Hannah’s marking, which I always believed to be the point of teachers but, it’s Hannah so she has her own way of doing things (obviously). Cue massive argument and a really, awkward altercation at work and, well, the future of Frannah is not looking good.

Marnie returns home from a weekend at her mother’s to find her drippy husband has built “a giant fucking wall through the apartment.” In all fairness, his heart is in the right place but, he’s too annoying and needy for me to give him even an iota of credit. Jessa is now attending women-only AA meetings in a bid to avoid Adam which of course doesn’t work and, you know what? The whole will-they-won’t they thing is getting a little tedious now. For the love of God, just fuck each other and get it over with! These simultaneous sequences do result in the girls sharing some space/time together; reminding us that they are in fact still friends: “I don’t even know what’s going on with you and Fran but I’m assuming he’s right.” They browse the Old Loves Tumblr* and supportively bitch about Hannah’s old love and how good and nice her current beau is. All the while, Hannah drops major hints that changes are a’coming and that, “maybe all relationships have a finite lifespan.

Elijah is still working for Ray, which is quite a feat given he has lost all of his customers to the lid-less coffee serving Helvetica. Suspiciously, the coiffed facial hair is back but continuity woes aside, he’s going on a date with Dill Harcourt which means confident, un-phased by anything Elijah goes out the window and is replaced by nervy boy but then why wouldn’t you? It’s Corey effing Stoll; velvet-voiced, broad-shouldered, polished noggin (sorry, I’ll stop) and frankly, a little demanding and controlling in this guise but aren’t they all? I defy anybody not to *awwwwwww* numerously as they watch Dill and Elijah goofing off around Times Square.

Desi and Marnie prove once and for all that they are a match made in (slightly unstable) heaven and yet, something is bound to happen before the end of the season. I can just feel it. Jessa reluctantly goes out with Hannah for rice pudding and then picks a fight with her for numerous reasons (seemingly forgetting all the times she has ditched Horvath or fallen off the wagon and expected a lift from rehab) but I think we can all agree the main one is ‘6 3”, “smells of ham”, “is bow-legged” and looks suspiciously like he’d be handy with a lightsaber. Harsh words are exchanged and Jessa ends up outside Adam’s door…

Old Loves ends with two hilariously awkward and amusing sex scenes and as it goes is on par with the previously aired, although neither written by or directed by Dunham. I do feel that there are little tells when she’s not behind the camera or has a direct hand in the story. Like, she somehow has less to do and Hannah suffers a little more than usual for it. There have been a few times this series where I have seen Sex and the City riffs and I’m hoping they are fleeting. The last thing I want is a Girls season and indeed series finale as disappointing as those films. Yes, maybe Jessa is a cow, Marnie; a nit-picking judge-mentalist, Shosh a little unstimulating, and Hannah beyond selfish but you know, girls are imperfect, complex and mean to each other. It doesn’t make them any less human, lovable or even friends. That’s how girls are.

*Old Loves does actually exist. It’s a Tumblr site dedicated to old photos of one-time couples usually on their wedding day or on the red carpet; happy and optimistic before they became jaded or cheated on by that spouse or another. It’s actually a little sad and the levels of intimacy are such that is feels like encroaching.

Also, I’d be happy to end up alone and like Cher, just saying…

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Hel Harding-Jones

Updated: Mar 16, 2016

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