Girls 5:03 Japan

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Following the end of this episode, all I kept thinking of was that dire 80s song Turning Japanese by The Vapors. Yes, tenuous link alert. In my defence, it was set (for the most part) in Japan and then, there’s Fran’s revealing masturbatory habit…

All the girls are back yet separate (Skyping session aside) as their lives journey in different directions and on a variety of continents. Japan, as you may have guessed cuts back and forth between New York and Shosh’s amazing new job and gives us an in to her idyll. She has settled and the lifestyle seems to suit her, she has friends and an office crush and all is, well, idyllic until Abigail (the delightful Aidy Bryant reprising her role) delivers a cruel blow; devastating for our Shoshanna, yet selfishly pleasing for her boyfriend, soup mogul Scott (Jason Ritter).

Shosh’s Hello Kitty-clad world is turned upside down following Abigail’s news and results in her letting her hair, well and truly, down, hitting a Shinbari club with Yoshi (Hiro Mizushima) and his meathead friends who believe all American girls are entitled, spoilt, and promiscuous and subscribe to assholeism. Shosh does little to alter their opinions but just as her life starts to resemble the one she wants, shit happens.

Hannah finds naked photos on Fran’s phone and he admits that they are of his ex-girlfriends and uses them as masturbatory aids as he finds porn disgusting. Before there are eye-rolls en masse, he claims to find it exploitative and not sexy, also Hannah’s naked photos are a “little too goofy to jerk off to.” Okay, I get the insecurity, oh boy do I but the guy’s allowed privacy, right? Hannah aligns him with “Andrea fucking Dworkin”, and can’t understand why he doesn’t access porn like a “normal human male”. She even Skypes Marnie honeymooning with the husband in Ecuador (Mrs Desi’s pronunciation is something else) and ends up even more frustrated by Marnie and her laissez-faire attitude to the drama. She enlists Elijah’s (no longer bearded) and Ray’s help in sexing up her photos for Fran; cue Hannah staring alluringly at the camera as she demands “paint me like one of your French girls, Ray.”

Later that evening, Jessa, Adam and Ray gather for the premiere of Adam’s TV episode in which he plays a homeless person integral to an investigation headed by a cameoing Lucy Liu. The whole scene is all rather meta, Jessa even comments “I’m not doing this will they, won’t they shit. It’s getting really tiresome now, she keeps putting herself in these situations with him and one can’t help but think she protests a little too much. Either just get on with it woman, or speak to your best friend about it; hardly rocket science. It does give Driver a chance to deliver one of the greatest mime sequences seen in a while or ever?

Japan concludes with Hannah doing something silly which may have repercussions in the weeks to come. I love the fact that she is unapologetically herself yet can’t help feel that she likes the whole self-sabotage schtick. Fran appears to be that little bit more mature than Adam but who knows? I thoroughly enjoyed having Shosh as the lead for a time but should the boys be the best characters in a show called Girls, really? Also, are we to expect more Corey Stoll? Asking for a friend…

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Updated: Mar 09, 2016

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