Fear The Walking Dead: 2.13 Date of Death

Refugees begin flooding into the hotel the group is staying at, and they recognize a familiar face among them. Madison has a hard time dealing with the entire situation.

This week’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead , Date of Death , skirts close to real world political scenarios and the deep discussion from parents about what they hoped from their children and whether their parenting skills are sufficient are the topics in this week’s episode.

Effective shots are a highlight of any modern TV show and this week’s episode directed by Christophe Schrewe (Mr. Robot) is no different. We start at ankle level, shuffling feet, dry desert dust is kicked up; are we in a zombie crowd or is this something else? We still don’t know as the camera pans up and over the crowd and we can see we are at the gates of the hotel sanctuary. Luckily for the crowd but unlucky for Madison, the crowd are plainly human, effectively refugees, looking for sanctuary. With Madison having turned on the lights of the hotel in a previous episode to attract Nick, the fault lies with her and her only. Not only is Madison being confronted by the baying crowd, Madison also has her ‘friends’ to contend with as well. It only gets worse when Curtis shows his presence. It’s an interesting scene both filmed and scripted and the conflict plays as the backbone of the episode.

Like in previous episodes we flash back a few days (weeks?) to when Chris and Curtis are with a group of tourists and one, James, has been injured from a previous episode’s gunfight. Curtis is attending to James and trying to convince Chris to not get too close to the tourists. It’s an interest dynamic being played out between Chris and Curtis, one which Curtis knows he is losing. Not being a father, it’s hard to empathise with Curtis and I can only see my experiences through Chris’s eyes. I’ve been a 15 year old teenager and all I ever wanted to do was do the complete opposite to what my father told me to do. Something Chris does here to heartbreaking effect, when he sides with the tourists as they finish off James before he turns. The full brutality is shown when the head tourist coldly and calmly shoots James between the eyes. Even terrible CGI blood can’t dampen the heightened tension of the scene.

The majority of the episode’s main thrust is the reunion of Madison and Curtis. As parents they look into each others eyes and soul looking for reassurance from each other that they are doing the right thing as parents. Curtis is especially heartbroken after the events mentioned above and is finding it seemingly more difficult than Madison. It’s a well played scene between Cliff Curtis and Kim Dickens showing how well they know their craft and how to convey that to an audience. Madison’s reunion with Alicia after these scenes are more effective after Madison and Curtis’s reunion also.

The more that I think about the series as a whole the more I am getting to enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no The Walking Dead but it’s a worthy side show, which is great to see. As we barrel towards the series finale, with Season Three already confirmed, how our group of characters will survive is anybody’s guess.

Craig Huntley

Updated: Sep 29, 2016

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