Fear The Walking Dead: 2.12 Pillar Of Salt

At the Colonia, Alejandro reveals his darker side. A hotel resident becomes violent and Madison springs into action.

We are spending more and more time at the Colonia as the episodes of Season 2 climax. We find our rag tag group of survivors divided but not conquered. Some characters are slowly finding love and others are rediscovering love, with others just as much at sea as we found them at the start of Season 2.

Happening more and more we find the episode opening with characters we are unfamiliar with. Here we find a family escaping the Colonia, but for reasons, initially unknown. Why a family is fleeing the relative sanctuary of the Colonia is a mystery that sets the episode up well and immediately brings a sense of intrigue to the episode.

Ofealia, having done a Nick, and gone out on her own is heading back the USA. Ofealia is a character we haven’t really seen a lot of over the course of the Fear The Walking Dead series as a whole and its good to see some character backstory here where we see her with a long lost fiancé and enjoying some happier times. Hopefully, scenes like these will continue as the series progresses into Season 3 and we get to know her a lot more.

There is a scene in the first third of the episode that actually made me audibly gasp. Strand is stabbed by the mother of Oscar’s wife. She is grieving and has become unstable. Its a very shocking scene as we as viewers only see Strand open a door and then get stabbed quickly. Just as Strand has no time to react and dodge the knife we react as an audience with shock and amazement that a main character can get stabbed like this. This in turn sets in motion Madison and Elena off to Tijuana to get supplies to help a fading Strand.

On the character of Madison, this week, she really loses her head. Not being a mother I can’t say whether her actions are reasonable but after overhearing the bandits interrogating the family from the beginning and believing they are talking about Nick she very nearly scuppers the whole mission at the bandit’s supply store by getting involved into something that she has no reason to do so. It’s a strange impulse from the character that only deepens at the episode’s end.

Nick has little to do this episode other than show Luciana his best come to bed eyes and warn Alejandro that not trading with the bandits will only make them attack the Colonia. It’s nice to see two disparate characters come together, it makes you want to support them and enjoy this newly blossoming love, but we know that this will only be turned upside in episodes to come.

Any parent with multiple children will always say to you that trying to pick out a favourite child is like asking whether you want an arm or a leg chopped off and which you would rather keep. At the episode’s end Madison metaphorically gets asked this question and she clearly makes her answer well known, even if she cannot see this. Madison is adamant Nick is close after the supply run shenanigans and turns the generator on at night to light the hotel up so Nick can see it. This leads to a confrontation between Alicia and herself and Alicia can clearly see that Nick is Madison’s favourite as she would endanger the whole team just for him to see the lit up hotel and return.

Another great episode with a killer ending with not Nick but Curtis (without Chris) seeing the hotel lit up in the distance and walking towards it means we will soon see the dysfunctional family reunited somewhat soon. An episode with some solid camera work, especially an overhead shot as the family escape at the start, and a well written script keeps me again on the edge of my seat.

Craig Huntley

Updated: Sep 19, 2016

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