Fear The Walking Dead 2.10 – Pablo & Jessica

Alicia and Madison try to bring two competing factions together. Nick uses skills from his past for his new role.

As we slowly creep towards the mid portion of this back end of Season 2, our team of characters are as divided by ideologies as well as physical location. With characters being given their time to sign to others who are crumbling under the pressure, tonight’s episode entitled Pablo & Jessica directed by series newbie Uta Briesewitz, shows the cracks forming under the surface.

We find Strand and Madison from the end of last weeks episode saving Alicia from the clutches of encroaching Walkers at the ground floor of the hotel. Its another interesting story point where rather than flashback as in last weeks episode, we get another viewpoint of a story point we have already seen but from a different characters viewpoint. Other shows have done it to varying degrees of success and it works well here. Instances like this make you want to almost revisit last weeks episode and see how the two story strands hold up.

After Nick’s almost blind devotion to Alejandro’s ‘faith’ last week, we find them discussing how to preserve their medicine but also trade with the bandits. Nick impresses Alejandro by showing how to ‘water’ down their medicine to make it last longer and provide almost placebo like pills to the bandits. Here plays out an interesting and well edited sequence ala Breaking Bad where Nick cooks up his tablets to show Alejandro how its done. Nicks present for this stroke of genius? A house within the compound. Alejandros revelation that he was bitten but seemingly cured is an interesting plot point and an intriguing one for the future.

Back at the hotel, Madison and Strand negotiate with Oscar a defacto leader of the survivors within the hotel and negotiate a truce of sorts. A plan is made to lure the Walkers to the sea via a jetty and let the riptide move them away from shore. This leads to a fantastic rising shot on the seafront as hordes of Walkers journey onto the pier and topple into the sea. The shot perfectly conveys the shear numbers of zombies facing our team and bar a few bad CGI shot the action beat works well and is an ingenious way of ridding the area of Walkers.

One set characters we don’t see this week is Chris and Travis, after a fantastic episode last week, and especially the cliff hanger of sorts it left us on, it is disappointing to notice they aren’t included here. Hopefully, next week we will get some sort of resolution to their father/son dynamic that drives the story further.

With only one action beat to talk of this week and the team yet again resorting to covering themselves in zombie blood to move amongst the hordes (if its so effective why bother washing it off?) tonight’s episode is a manageable effort but after last weeks excellent dynamic between Travis and Chris, it is a lesser effort from this end of Season 2.

Craig Huntley

Updated: Sep 14, 2016

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