Fear The Walking Dead – 2.04 Blood In The Streets

The group lets a family in distress board the Abigail; Strand’s past begins to come to light; Nick looks for an associate of Strand’s.

Another week, and another threat attacks our rag tag bunch of characters. This week characters from past episodes come back to haunt the group and surprising character developments arise with shocking consequences.

With the change of scenery this season to the Abigail, the sea and water come into play a lot; whether it be bullet ridden capsized hulls or suspicious gangs roaming on smaller boats. Another aspect commonly associated with the sea is that of rebirth and Blood In The Streets captures this perfectly as Nick pulls himself from the sea, crawling up a beach at night. He comes across an abandoned camp site, tents flapping menacingly in the night air. He lures a lone zombie into a tent, killing it with the staple stab to the head and then continues inland by slathering blood on his body again, from head to toe….

Craig Huntley

Updated: May 04, 2016

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