Dark Matter: 3.13 Nowhere to Go

An explosive season three finale that upped the stakes in the war between the Corporations….

Dark Matter finally gave fans what they were looking for; an explosive season finale that thrust the crew of the Raza into the heart of the galactic Corporation war as the location of the Ferrous Corp secret shipyard was revealed. We got a bloody big space battle as Ryo’s fleet, commanded by Teku, launched an attack alongside the Mikkei Corporation in a desperate bid to stop Ferrous from gaining the advantage. But it was the surprise reveal of the aliens from The Dwarf Star Conspiracy that really upped the ante.

I expected the body-possessing aliens from another dimension to a meance teased for a potential future season, not the real threat behind everything. The fact that they had already infiltrated the Ferrous Corp shipyard suggests that they could even be manipulating the whole war; it was certainly evident they were using the conflict to their advantage in the way they possessed Two.

But before we got to that dramatic second half, the episode began with a secret raid and shadowy alliances as Torri Higginson’s delightfully self-serving Commander Truffault gave the crew a specially developed bomb to sneak aboard the shipyard and destroy it.

Three, Six and Two quickly found the tables turned when their plan backfired, the bomb failed to detonate and they found themselves captured. The betrayal it seemed was not as Truffault’s hands, but a third corporation that had lied about its intentions of breaking away from its alliance with Ferrous Corp. Her schemes exposed, Truffault could no longer stay neutral in this war.

The surprise return of Ennis Esmer’s alternate Wrexler acting as Truffault’s inside man (and betraying the evil Portia and Marcus to help the three escape) was a fun twist. Of course, by then the damage was done and Two was already infected, setting the trap for bigger things to come. With Three captured again, things grew more desperate as Two and Six were forced to use Ryo to bring Teku’s forces into the battle at the risk of losing their friend. To say the stakes were high was an understatement.

There is a certain understanding that budget restraints meant we were never going to see the Corporation war in all its glory but the battle here was rather epic. With the crew of the Raza caught up in the middle, there was a certain sense of desperation; if Ferrous Corp won, no one would survive.

Two’s alien possession was another great twist though I wonder if it would have worked even better had we not seen one of the Ferrous Corp scientists infected first. Taking down the Android, she quickly manipulated the crew into sending the Marauder into the station and igniting the blink drive to destroy it. Six taking on the mission would have been a noble sacrifice had it not all been the at the machinations of something more terrible. Again, the sense of desperation as the Android tried to communicate to Five through the computer while Ryo took down Two for round three, was tense.

Alternate Portia taking Three to safety ensured my favourite character (after the Android of course) survived but Five being unable to get Six to stand down was heartbreaking. I can’t see how he could have survived the detonation. The season has already teased the departure of Roger Cross twice from the show; sadly I think this might be the last time we have seen him.

And then we had the ending; the tear between dimensions as a result of the blink drive explosion that saw the arrival of the dreaded Black Ships teased during the Android’s trip to the future back in the fourth episode All The Time In The World. Dark Matter has done a great job of teasing the future events and their arrival was spectacular; the look on Five’s face as she watched them approach ended the season with a sense of unpalatable dread that raised the stakes further. Given what we know of these aliens, their invasion of the galaxy makes the Corporation war seem insignificant in comparison.

Nowhere To Go was a strong end to another great season of Dark Matter (though I still think season two was consistently better overall). It set things in motion for an exciting fourth season and like many fans, I’m slightly concerned by the lack of renewal when Syfy had already picked up the show for a third before season two had already ended. Given the way Dark Matter ended this week, it can’t possibly be the end.

If nothing else, we need more Android and her pronunciation of “boobs“…


Updated: Aug 29, 2017

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