Dark Matter 3.03: Welcome To The Revolution

Welcome To The Revolution wasn’t quite the sum of its parts.

Dark Matter continues to be a bit of a grower – the science fiction series is now in its third year and continues to deliver solid stories backed up with the likeable crew of misfits and miscreants.

Welcome To The Revolution picks up the pieces following the two part series opener and sets about developing a new dynamic – almost acting like an introduction to where things go from here we see the crew of the Raza returning to a similar role we saw them fill in the very first episode, effectively defending a group of displaced people from a superior enemy force.

Lots of double crossing, angry faces and the odd death combine to create something of a by-the-numbers story that feels like a bit of a plot retread with little new to say. The notable surprise appearance by The General and the reveal  to the rest of the crew of the simulated form of Three’s dead wife, Sarah are the two biggest highlights and the latter of which promises to cause Three some pain as he comes to terms with the possibility of her consciousness still being there.

By episodes end we have another regular cast member, Roger Cross’ Six, possibly leaving the Raza and maybe the show and we have two new members replacing him at least for a time. For an episode where huge changes shake up the show for the future, there was just something to pedestrian about it, which is a shame. Ryo may as well not have been in the episode at all.

Melissa O’Neill is still as engaging a lead as ever, similar can be said for both Jodelle Ferland and Zoie Palmer and Anthony Lemke looks like he’ll have a bit more to do now that he’s aware of Sarah’s existence on the ship.

When it works, Dark Matter, can be gripping but we can’t help feeling that ideas may be running low at the moment. Maybe it’s just the show having a chance to breathe and regroup that makes this all feel a little bit worn, or maybe it’s a sign that fatigue is beginning to creep in. If so the cast shake up is probably a good thing.


Colin Polonowski

Updated: Jun 23, 2017

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