Dark Matter: 2.05 We Voted Not to Space You

The android unleashed her wild side and the crew hunted down the killer of their former crewmate in the latest strong second season episode of Dark Matter…

Dark Matter delivered another strong episode this week as we opened on a leather jacket clad Android, now in human guise, flirt with a guy at a bar, kick ass with a room full of criminals and then drag her intended prey out by his ankle. It was a very fun way to start the episode and Zoie Palmer was clearly having a lot of fun as her synthetic character used the microchip given to her Victor in the last episode.

It will be interesting to see if she maintains this new sassy guise as the series progresses. In a crew full of outgoing, semi-aggressive alpha males and females (even Five / Das has come out of her shell), her cold, android nature has been a stark contrast; moments like her attacking Chief Inspector Shaddick and her troops in Kill Them All have stood out. Now with the addition of the very cool Nix, I hope she doesn’t blend into the mix. At the same time, she’s far more likely to let loose; smacking a startled Marcus on the bum, flirting with the poor security guy over coffee and ripping of another guy’s shirt as she attempted to get herself arrested was hilarious to watch and a nice contrast to the darker themes at play.

Season two of Dark Matter has really upped the ante and there is the sense of the larger galaxy on the brink of collapse. Ryo / Four observed the news report over inter-planet fighting following his father’s murder. New, potentially recurring Global Authority Inspector Kierken (Palmer’s Lost Girl co-star Kris Holden-Ried), was relentless in his belief that the law was just, despite Ryo’s assertions that the GA was as corrupt as the many rival corporations. And Jace Corso (a returning Marc Bendavid in possibly his last appearance) was able to reveal that some higher authority was behind the assassination of Derrick / One at his hands before Portia / Two shot him in the head.

It was the hunt for Derrick’s killer that was the crux of the episode; the Android going ‘undercover’ to track down Jace’s associates (he was evidently the person of interest in the news report last episode). While Derrick was not the most dynamic character, he has been missed and after being such a huge part of the first season, I was glad the writers took the time to show the crew of the Raza seek justice for his death. I was a bit surprised at how quickly Jace was dispatched; I think there was great potential for him to become a more recurring villain but the final showdown at the abandoned base made for an exciting final act.

Nix particularly continued to impress with her new skills. With her ability to sense the collapsing tunnel roof and save Marcus, I am less convinced now that she has the same nanite abilities as Portia and perhaps some precognitive abilities instead. Portia got her revenge on Jace, Ryo forced Kierken to confront the possibility that his organisation might be corrupt as he lay prisoner under the fallen rubble and the final moment where Marcus, Nix and Portia surrounded the troops and rescued Ryo was fun, particularly when Das, Devon and Griffin arrived in the shuttle to outgun them.

I am really liking how the show is developing, with the larger conflict and the mystery behind who is pulling the strings being an intriguing hook each week. Seeing the Android unleash her wild side was a lot of fun. The final showdown with Jace Corso, the ship escaping the GA on the planet and then making a final break for it was a pure Star Wars moment. The episode even had a great title; “We Voted Not to Space You” was the best Griffin got as he slowly worked his way back onto the ship’s crew. Dark Matter doesn’t seem to have lost the momentum of its solid first season as it continues into its second year.


Updated: Aug 03, 2016

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