Batwoman: 1.18 If You Believe in Me, I’ll Believe in You

Plenty more twists and turns as Batwoman heads towards it season finale…

This week’s episode of Batwoman, thoughtfully titled If You Believe in Me, I’ll Believe in You, continues to maintain the high standard established by the last few episodes. With only a few episodes remaining until the season finale, the plot twists are coming with greater frequency. Several characters are working to find their niche in the new “normal” that has developed in the wake of the Lucius Fox murder being solved, but once again the Batwoman writers demonstrate that not everything is as it seems in Gotham.

Batwoman’s awesome fight scenes in this episode need to be highlighted. This episode really puts you in the thick of the action and it’s all put together to make Batwoman feel like a complete badass. Julia Pennyworth also gets in on the action with her formidable fighting skills in an equally well put together scene.

One of the biggest plot developments this week, and the topic that will catch the attention of many fans of the comics, is what happens to Tommy Elliot, still locked up in Arkham Asylum. Readers of the Batman comics have known for a long time what Tommy had the potential to become, and this episode finally pulled the trigger on that metamorphosis, showing how the once pampered playboy becomes one of Gotham’s most feared villains. Or, at the very least, the start of that process. All of the scenes with Tommy and Alice are very well done. Alice’s manipulations of Elliot are direct and to the point, and it’s a little frightening to see the lengths Alice will go to get what she wants.

Another major plot development in this week’s episode involves Mary attempting to become an “official” member of Team Batwoman, since apparently knowing that Kate is Batwoman doesn’t automatically grant membership. Mary’s unwavering determination to help Kate in her role as Batwoman is a lot of fun to watch and is also a reminder as to just how much Mary has grown as a character over the course of the season. While a little awkward in places, Mary’s debut on Team Batwoman goes pretty well, and once again there is great chemistry between Mary and Luke. My earlier thoughts last week were right, Mary is going to be a fun addition to the group.

On a side note, there’s a subtle tension between Kate and Julia in this episode that became funny to me when I realized it was all because Kate believes Julia and Sophie are becoming a couple and she is visibly jealous at the mere thought of Sophie being with someone else. Given the growing complexity of the relationships on this show, the writers are doing a good job of keeping it all straight for the audience.

The show’s biggest plot twists, however, were reserved for two of Kate’s former girlfriends, namely Julia Pennyworth and, surprisingly, Reagan, who hasn’t been seen since episode four when her fledgling relationship with Kate didn’t work out. Since her introduction, Julia has been presented as a close friend to Kate, someone that can be relied on no matter what. That’s why it comes as a complete surprise when it’s revealed that Julia is lying about a critical part of her background. It also begs the question: what else is Julia lying about? Why is she in Gotham if not for the reasons she’s told Kate about? It’s great that the show can still provoke these kinds of questions so close to the end of the season, because it keeps the audience interested.

The revelation about Julia is nothing though, compared to Reagan. As someone who loved Reagan in her first appearance, I was delighted to see her come back into Kate’s life. However, a delightful reunion quickly moved into something shocking and totally unexpected. Reagan, it turns out, has a surprising connection to another character and it puts her episode fpur appearance in a completely new light. Among its many accomplishments, Batwoman is proving adept at making the audience question everyone’s motives in each episode.

With only two episodes remaining this season, events definitely appear to be accelerating in the world of Batwoman if If You Believe in Me, I’ll Believe in You was anything to go by. There’s a new villain on the horizon, even more secrets are being hinted at, and absolutely no one realizes that Alice is running Arkham Asylum. The last two episodes of Batwoman should be quite interesting.


Updated: Jul 19, 2020

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