Batwoman: 1.13 Drink Me

Nocturna comes to Gotham…

It’s safe to say that there’s a lot going on in Drink Me, the thirteenth episode of Batwoman’s first season. In the immediate aftermath of the two Beth’s subplot being resolved, the plot this week revolves around Batwoman attempting to locate a mysterious woman known as Nocturna, someone who appears to be a vampire going around and draining people’s blood. It’s a return to the “villain of the week” format that the show dabbles in from time to time, and is a sure sign that the story is finally moving on from the aftermath of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Nocturna, unfortunately, is something of a disappointment. The prospect of a vampire showing up in Gotham was legitimately exciting, and not completely impossible given the history of the Batwoman comics. Nocturna also appeared late in the New 52 run of the Batwoman comic, only there she really was a vampire and not how she appeared in this episode. It wasn’t unreasonable to assume that this Nocturna would be a real vampire as well, and it’s disappointing that the show adapted the character differently.

It’s hard to tell if Jacob Kane’s character development has taken a major step forward or backward after this episode. Somehow, in the midst of having him whisked off to jail for several episodes (with a hiatus in the middle of it all), I’d clean forgotten that Kane doesn’t like Batwoman very much, though the episode works quickly to remind the audience of that fact. Indeed, Kane’s viciousness against Batwoman seems almost over the top. At this rate, there’s going to be a very awkward moment when Kane inevitably finds out who Batwoman really is.

And speaking about knowing Batwoman’s true identity…it was plain that Mary would eventually discover the truth about who the superhero really is, but I never imagined she’d figure it out without Kate being present. Now we have a situation where Mary knows the truth and Kate doesn’t know that she knows. So the question becomes, will Mary tell Kate that she knows? It’ll definitely be a plot development to watch out for as the season continues. Meanwhile, Alice’s actions in this episode are really confusing, unless I’m overthinking it. Just when you think there’s been a final break between the twins, Alice goes right back to plotting how to get Kate to admit she still needs her insane twin. It feels frustrating that Alice’s plot arc isn’t following a straight trajectory, but then again she is supposed to be completely insane, so maybe it does make some degree of sense. At the same time, I wish the show would do less back and forth with her.

Finally, no review would be complete without looking at where Sophie’s story is going. She’s been struggling with her identity as of late and its cost her dearly: her relationship with Sophie, her marriage, and now, potentially, her job working with the Crows. It’s clearly time for Sophie to pick one side or the other and if the last scene of this episode is any indication, did she ever!! This last scene is beautiful, but it also raises a few questions: is Sophie leaving the Crows to work with Batwoman on a full-time basis? Does Sophie in fact know that Batwoman is Kate? If not, this makes the situation between Kate and Sophie ten times more complicated than it already was.

Drink Me is another great episode of Batwoman, one that makes it clear that Kate’s world is changing in many ways, some that she knows about, and others that she doesn’t. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the pieces are slowly being laid for a major conflict towards the end of the season, and it will be most exciting to see how the story develops in the coming episodes.


Updated: Jun 14, 2020

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