Batwoman: 1.10 How Queer Everything Is Today!

Batwoman picks up the pieces post-Crisis on Infinite Earths

Batwoman returns post-Crisis on Infinite Earths world, though the changes aren’t noticeable at first. In How Queer Everything Is Today, Kate must come to terms with how Batwoman is perceived by the public, as well as continuing to come to grips with Alice in the wake of her actions in A Mad Tea Party.

It’s always nerve-wracking when a show goes on hiatus for a time, with the common fear being that the episodes won’t be as good when the show returns. Please lay those fears to rest because Batwoman returns without missing a beat. The episode conforms to the pattern established by earlier episodes by focusing on the “villain” of the week while also continuing the plot changes introduced before the story went on break.

I put “villain” in quotation marks because the only real villain in this episode is Alice. The other  would-be villain, eventually introduced as Parker Torres, is a character that I felt connected to almost immediately. To me, Parker represents members of the audience from Generation Z, those growing up in a world that is very scary while trying to discover their own identities, something that the older generations aren’t always okay with. The first scene between Parker and Batwoman is one of my favorites in the episode because it is layered with so much emotion from both characters. Hopefully this is not the last we see of Parker Torres in Batwoman, because she has all the makings of a fun recurring character.

Another big moment in this episode that needs to be talked about is Batwoman officially “coming out” as a lesbian. Somehow; this wasn’t something I thought about right up until I watched the episode, but it is in fact something that needed to be addressed eventually. After all, just because Kate is lesbian doesn’t mean anyone would know that Batwoman is. I can’t help but wonder if anyone’s perception of Batwoman will change (in a negative way) now that she’s openly out as a lesbian superhero. Of course we saw the positive reactions in this episode, but I have to believe that not everyone in Gotham will take this news well. Also, it was a nice touch for the article to be written by Kara Danvers (the alter ego of Supergirl for those who might not watch that show).

And I can’t leave this episode without commenting on that ending. If you recall, when I reviewed A Mad Tea Party, I wondered then if Crisis on Infinite Earths would lead to direct changes in Batwoman’s story. The answer, without going into specifics, is yes it did, but not like how I expected. If this ending means what I believe it does, then Kate’s life just got way more complicated. There’s no way this new plot development can resolve without significant pain to several characters, and I am beyond interested in how the show explains this in the episodes to come.

If you’ve been following Batwoman since the beginning, you will definitely enjoy How Queer Everything Is Today! It keeps the story going, it advance’s Batwoman’s development, and it ends with one hell of a plot twist.


Updated: May 24, 2020

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