Batwoman: 1.02 The Rabbit Hole

The intrigue continues in the newest episode of Batwoman, appropriately named “The Rabbit Hole”

*warning: minor spoilers for the episode below

While last week’s pilot episode had the all-important task of getting the story started, this week’s episode of Batwoman had an even more important job: keeping the story going.  It seems safe to say that episode two, ‘The Rabbit Hole’, succeeds in this task.

With a second episode in the bag, a definite pattern is starting to form in how each episode will be put together. Thus far, it looks like Kate’s narration to her cousin Bruce Wayne, and the flashbacks to the past are here to stay, though for how long still remains to be seen. One positive about these flashbacks is that they are relatively brief and still continue to serve a purpose in the overall plot. And speaking of the plot, I’m impressed by the twists that have been woven into this story already, and it’s only the second episode.

I was skeptical of how quickly certain plot twists involving Alice were revealed in the pilot episode, and that skepticism briefly grew early in this episode as the twist was not only emphasized but expanded upon. However, as the story continued, it dawned on me that the writers are actually doing something clever. Throughout the episode, and likely in episodes to come, tiny seeds of doubt are being planted as to whether this twist is actually true or not. The show wants us to wonder if we’re hearing a truth or a lie, and given that Alice is a very unreliable narrator, so to speak, it’s working. And speaking of Alice, Rachel Skarsten continues to impress in the role of the unstable villain. No matter what the truth of this character’s origins actually are, it’s a joy to watch her mood shift on a moment’s notice.

As I hoped, this episode starts to flesh out some of the secondary characters, and in particular it gives some insight into the mind of Jacob Kane, Kate’s father. The way Dougray Scott is playing the character, I’m not sure if I like him or if I hate his guts, and I think that’s the point. Jacob is a character in conflict and it showed several times in this episode. After al, this is a man who was put in a near impossible position after losing both his wife and one of his daughters in a horrific accident. That being said, the way his character acts in the present day portions of the episode makes me inclined to severely dislike him.

As I suspected, the relationship between Kate and Sophie, or rather, Sophie’s continuing denials that any relationship exists, bears watching. The awkward tension between the two makes it obvious that this will go somewhere before the season is over, I’m just not sure where. And speaking of relationships, I’m interested in seeing how Kate’s relationship with her stepsister Mary goes in the comings episodes. It was striking to me, the moment when Kate realized that she really hasn’t done right by her stepsister. Hopefully we see a lot more between those two as the season continues.

“The Rabbit Hole” proved that there is definitely a lot of intrigue and layers to be found in Batwoman. By the end of the episode, I got the feeling that this story is just getting started and we haven’t seen anything yet. Plus, I was delighted to see in the previews for next week’s episode that our wait to see Batwoman’s iconic red wig and her signature costume will be a short one, as they appeared quite prominently in those scenes. I’m looking forward to the installment of Batwoman.





Updated: Apr 05, 2020

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