Arrow: 4.16 Broken Hearts

Cupid returned to Star City while Damien Darhk went on trial. Still no progress on those island flashbacks though in this week’s review of Arrow…

Over on The Flash this week Barry Allen went up against another speedster, so it was only fitting that Oliver Queen faced an enemy archer in this week’s Arrow; enter the psychotic Cupid for round three. Amy Gumenick’s villain might not be the strongest in the show’s rogue callery but she is a lot of fun. After losing the ‘love of her life’ Deadshot in season three’s Suicidal Tendencies she returned to Star City heartbroken and out to destroy love everywhere – murdering celebrity couples on their wedding day and targeting the show’s star couple; Oliver and Felicity.

Except of course Olicity is over. I’m still not sure I still buy Felicity dumping Oliver over his lies about William. But the episode certainly followed through on its convictions as Felicity tried to go back to the way things were before as a member of team Arrow and failed. The trouble I have with this is that something will happen to bring her back into the fold; it doesn’t feel dramatic enough as say Roy’s departure in season three for her to be gone for good.

But the episode handled the break up well. The fake marriage with the very much not-fake words from Oliver about how she had changed him was quite bittersweet and there was a moment if you wondered if she would waver. But of course it was all a trap to lure in Cupid and kudos to Felicity for rekindling something in the villain’s heart even of she was ending her own relationship.

And of course we had the TRIAL OF THE CENTURY! Laurel Lance did something we have rarely seen her do; her day job. As assistant DA she took on the job of prosecuting the depowered Damien Darhk in the preliminary hearing. Darhk sat there the whole time smug as can be, Neal McDonough saying not a single word all episode but still being wonderfully evil. He was great to watch as he observed his lawyer tear Diggle apart on the stand and then force Quentin to reveal the acts he had done for Darhk at the possible cost of his own career. It was a bold move for Quentin and we got some nice stuff between the police captain and daughter as she tried to stop him and he convinced her to throw himself to the wolves to help her win the case.

The episode ended with the trial going ahead and Darhk jailed without bail, though part of me wonders how any of the good guys could think prison would be enough to keep such a good villain down. The episode ended – with the slightly OTT fiendish grin on Darhk’s face in his cell. There is only one way to end the threat and that is to finish him off for good.

And the weekly update on the flashbacks? They wandered through some caves, found a totem, escaped Reiter with the totem and ran through some tunnels some more trying to escape the bad guys. Honestly something big needs to happen soon because it is becoming as tedious as season three now and the season’s flashbacks started off with such potential.

Broken Hearts used the return of Cupid well to deal with Oliver and Felicity’s break up and the trial of Damien Darhk was a nice change of pace even it can’t possibly go the way Oliver and Laurel want it too. I’m not sure where the season is going next and that can either be a very good thing or bad; depowering Darhk last week certainly tipped the balance but it is with what happens in the final few weeks that will determine how successful season four really is.


Updated: Apr 14, 2016

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