American Horror Story: 6.03 Chapter 3

Feral Boys, a Medium and The Butcher, Daniel Theophanous reviews the intense third episode of American Horror Story season six…

In this episode we are actually given explanations to the cause of these malicious supernatural forces that are plaguing our protagonists. Lee played impeccably by the superb Angela Bassett, is now desperately looking for her daughter Flora who disappeared at the end of episode two. Along with Matt and Shelby, the three scour the house and the surrounding land, but to no avail. At seventy two hours and Flora still missing, Lee’s is now certain they are looking for a body. However, they stumble across nearby abandoned farm and to their amazement, they discover two young feral boys in a barn, suckling a pig; hissing like cats at the presence of the three. The scene is simply brilliant, so gruesome and base; the disgusting state of this farm, the boys living in complete squalor; they are wild, untamed with lack of any human contact.

The search for Flora, manages to untangle the web of supernatural oddities which delivers such great visual fodder. The unexpected appearance of a medium who turns up at the house opens a door of communication between physical reality and the ghost world and we are finally given insight into the Roanoke Colony. The medium is called Cricket, he is a funny little man; spunky with a camp southern drawl and a shiny white bowl cut hair. He tells of them of the the young ghost Priscilla who befriended Flora and kidnapped her and the myth of the Lost Colony. Cricket tells them of The Butcher played by Kathy Bates as the colony’s ringleader, still holding claim to the land and driving anyone who settles there out, using any means necessary.

We are told of The Butcher’s own particular story; of how she was vilified by her own people, exiled into the wilderness to see if the land was inhabitable and forced to wear a spiky head piece that restricted her from eating and drinking. There in the wild she meets and strikes a deal with` malevolent presence which what looks like it could be Lady Gaga. The Butcher returns to colony with some supernatural strength to take over, killing everyone who disputes her, apart from her son, played by Wes Bentley. Kathy Bates looks the part as The Butcher; she is rough, austere, takes no nonsense, uncouth, wearing filthy colonial clothes, her hair in dreads from not being washed in centuries. The scenes in the forest are still rather blurry, only lit only by camp fires; we only get patches of the whole picture, indicating more is still to be revealed.

A rather vivid moment follows, where Matt in some sort of possessed state goes off further into the dark only for Shelby to run after him. To her her shock, she finds him in a trance-like state, engaged in a bizarre sexual encounter which what looks like Lady Gaga’s evil spirit. Shelby of course is hysterical by what she sees and runs back to house. Matt comes back oblivious, to see the police arrived and are arresting Lee. We are not sure what the reasons are, perhaps for jeopardising her daughter in the previous episode? However, Shelby’s intention of calling the police is to do with Matt, perhaps some sort of revenge. The dynamics between the two may have changed.

American Horror Story portrays the horror and ugliness of life; the dark corners of humanity exhibited in such a beautiful and unique stylized fashion. This eerie, disturbing factor is possibly not felt as intensely six seasons in; you now come to expect it. The continuous turmoil our three main leads are made to undergo is relentless; one bang after the next; frantically running around the house, to and fro from some distressing event. This proves even more unrelenting, offering an array of macabre drama: lost feral children, an abundance of slaughtered piglets, mediums with shiny white hair, in-bred hicks, lost colonies…it all makes for such great TV!

Daniel Theophanous

Updated: Oct 01, 2016

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