Agents of SHIELD: 5.17 The Honeymoon

The Agents of SHIELD get closer to their demise. Steven Slatter reviews the latest UK-paced season five episode ‘The Honeymoon’

The Honeymoon succeeds in giving enough of the story to every member of the gang. We get to see what happens with Coulson and Talbot, what Fitz, Simmons and Yoyo are up to, and most importantly, we see the long awaited fight between Daisy and Ruby.  Although the individual elements work very well, as a collaborative episode it sometimes feels as if there are too many moving parts; the team split has developed several side plots, so there’s much more to pay attention to. Nevertheless, it’s still entertaining.

The end of the last instalment saw Coulson and Talbot escape Hale, while the rest of SHIELD search for them with the help of the Inhuman, Robin. One of my favourite lines comes after Coulson is rescued and told of the help Robin provided; he responds “isn’t that cheating?” which perfectly sums up that story arc. It’s not bad, just overly convenient.

There are two major fight sequences in this episode, the first between Ruby and Daisy. This showdown had been teased since the Agents’ returned back to the past, so the expectation was high. Unfortunately, as well as it may have been choreographed, the editing made it feel disjointed and jarring. The second battle between the new and improved Yoyo, and Ivanoff was significantly shorter but far more exciting to watch. The stakes seemed higher as the more Yoyo, Fitz and Simmons speak of their immortality, the more you expect one of them to die.

The time spent with the Immortal Three was fun. The dialog kept things moving at a steady pace and as always, the dynamic between Fitz and Simmons is entertaining enough on its own. Aside from once again seeing the Captain America chamber (which was awesome), the whole side plot seemed a little obvious with a lack of imagination. The visual execution was practically faultless; it was just missing a spark of creativity.

Deke once again continues to impress, his crush on Daisy is hilarious and when he opens up to Mack and Piper about it while drugged up, well that scene stole the show for me. One of the issues I had from the previous episode was the ‘why’ Daisy was put in charge in Coulson’s absence. Thankfully, here it’s addressed. Not only did Deke bring up some excellent points, but May voices her confusion to Coulson and questions her leadership. During their argument, in another epic scene, May professes her love for Coulson, which was excellent, it perfectly sums up her character, no nonsense and straight to the point…Loved it!

Since the agents returned back from the future the story has been very thought provoking. Each episode brings to the forefront the reminder of the devastating future, as you wonder what affect each action is having on that impending doom. Are they still on the same path or have any of their actions made any difference to the timeline? This has been class storytelling and I love how it makes me think, week in and week out.

The episode ends with an emotional Talbot calling his wife on an encrypted phone provided by Daisy. Speaking with his wife, she reads from a piece of paper asking him to comply, which he accepts. I guess this is supposed to resemble the brainwashing seen in Captain America Winter Soldier done to Bucky. I love that this element has found a place in the TV universe and look forward to witnessing its continuing developments.

There’s an awful lot to love from this episode, and occasionally something to dislike or be confused by. Regardless, it seems there’s something for everyone, unless of course you’re a Creel fan as he doesn’t get a single mention, which is probably for the best. The Honeymoon may not have been explosive but it sure as hell builds on the tension and raises the stakes.


Updated: Jun 19, 2018

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