Agents of SHIELD: 3.15 Spacetime

Sean Mason catches up with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD as they start to catch up with the future in a Minority Report -esque mission.

This week saw Agents of SHIELD turn into Minority Report as a new Inhuman with the power to foresee visions of death was captured by Hydra, with the Shield (or is it ATCU now?) team determined to piece together clues to save him. It was a fun episode, using the team well and giving everyone something to do. It was great to see the team working together knowing that is soon to fall apart when Civil War rocks their world.

The episode was tightly focused and densely plotted. Despite Fitz’s line about improbable events forcing the timeline into the one Daisy had seen play out, the obstacles that got in their way were largely well planned out by writers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen. Coulson seeing Ward alive was the perfect way to get him to go where he didn’t. The only real deus ex machina was the arrival of Andrew/Lash – though Fitz’s line kind of set us up for it. The Inhumans get their powers due to a need for balance is a great get out of jail free for the writers too, as they can create powers to fit their plots. Technically the episode was flawless as well, especially the presentation of powers on the screen. The show has become increasingly accomplished in that regard in recent episodes.

There was plenty going on here that drove the arc plot forward despite being a seemingly story of the week episode. Andrew’s final goodbye to May was touching, but gives her focus now he cannot be saved. Daisy saw the quinjet in space that we saw a few episodes back. Hydra’s plans are starting to fall into place (though we still don’t know what they are). Fitz and Simmons got to hold hands.

Chloe Bennett’s fine action chops were on full display here, especially the single shot fight in the security office. She also had to carry a lot of the emotional weight of the episode and her correcting Coulson for using her old name again was a fun, touching moment between the two. Daisy’s Inhuman pride may be getting the better of her and with great power comes… well, you know how it goes.

The only real weakness here was the Hydra plot to steal the exo-skeleton and for Ward/Hive to teach Malick that power over life and death is the only true power. But by obscuring Ward’s true objective the stakes didn’t feel all that great and the exo skeleton not that impressive.

More impressive was the episode’s finale; emotional, action filled, well shot and brilliantly scored. The closing minute’s were touching, well put together television. Fitz and Simmons realising how they fit into Daisy’s vision and Daisy’s moments with the dying Hinton especially beautiful.

So, which SHIELD agent is destined to die? Can time be altered? Daisy is as much the face of this show as Coulson, and with the Secret Warriors primed to take more of a prime position in the show but not yet anyone we have an emotional attachment with I fear for anyone who has been with the show since season one…

Sean Mason

Updated: Apr 23, 2016

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