A Discovery of Witches: 1.06

A Discovery of Witches delivered its most focused and intense episode yet.

The sixth episode of A Discovery of Witches was the most dramatic and most wonderfully gothic yet as Diana was kidnapped by Satu and taken to the ruined castle of vampire Gerard. From the violent magic conjured by Saru to the ruined tunnels and spires of the city, this was a vivid, grandiose set piece for this violent encounter.

There was also something fantastical about the episode; Saru flying Diana away from the Clermont castle to Diana’s parents appearing to her in a dream, telling her to take flight and make her escape from the cobwebbed cavern of her imprisonment. It really felt as if, after the fantastic world building, A Discovery of Witches was finally starting to let loose, building on the conflict between the vampires and witches. Matthew and brother Baldwin raced to rescue Diana from the clutches of Gerard while Diana really went through the ringer as she was beaten and broken by Satu as the witch sought to discover her true powers.

There was also the twisted witch head in a box, presumably the witch Gerard enthralled centuries ago. It remains a disturbing creation and added to the dark, atmospheric horror of the episode. Satu discovered Gerard’s creation as their unholy alliance quickly came crashing down, the vampire’ s attempts to control her seeing her flee the castle and taking the head with her. We saw a moment of redemption in the dangerous witch as she killed the witch head to set it free from years of torment, but a vengeful Diana now has her in her sights and I’m looking forward to the rematch.

It was a relatively straightforward episode, stripping back most of the other plot points- we only saw Oxford at the very end as demon head Agatha learned that daughter in law Sophie was a demon born of witches and that her unborn grandchild might be a witch too. Diana it seems, is key to the demons and their impending prophecy. I’m still intrigued to see how the demons the into the overall arc, having been mostly side players during the series.

As for Diana the horrific ordeal the hands of Satu saw her stronger in her conviction than ever and the tease of the mark in her back, usually reserved for the most dangerous of witches, suggests there is far more to come. I’m glad to see she’s finally heading to America next episode to involve her aunts, two characters that have felt rather wasted all series.

Episode six was the most dramatic, dark and gothic episode of the series yet, packed with tension and drama in the first half and then continuing to build the mystery in the second. The straight forward focus was very much needed to help drive the plot forward and the audience was given the strongest episode yet.


Updated: Oct 21, 2018

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