Week Fifteen

So it's week...ah, screw it, who cares? Is anyone still watching this? We have had eight regular reviewers of The X Factor so far, and this week only two of them were watching the main Saturday show. What does this mean? Is it dull? Are we getting sick of the format? Or maybe it's just too flipping long and goes on for so many weeks that people don't want to give up their weekends. Either way, here's what our few reviewers thought.

Sam Burnett — aka, The One Who Thinks He's Simon Cowell
This second song business was a bad idea. Janet, at least, managed to remember the words this time, but Marcus was off-pitch and wobbly, Little Mix channeling false emotion and the rest of them just dull. I'm less trying to decide who I want to win most than who deserves to come first the least.

It's a curious year - all of the finalists lack any charisma or star quality. I'm not sure whether it's because they're crap or need some training. It's like they've been left on their own to duke it out whilst the rest of the production team fight between themselves to escape a sinking ship.

Personally, I think Janet should've gone ahead and vomited. She would if nothing else have achieved an instant legendary status in X Factor history. It's a shame that this week's eviction is now a foregone conclusion - frankly, though, forgetting the words a second time demands a shotgun between the eyes even before the phones close.

Rebecca Brodeur — aka, The One Who Is Usually Asleep
The Dermot Dance is still my favourite addition to 2011’s X Factor, but honestly, starting off the show with some Star Wars music is probably a bad idea when the Star Wars: the Old Republic stress test beta weekend is going on. It reminded me I could be upstairs playing my Sith!

Tonight had two real highlights for me. First was, of course, Deckergate which erupted on twitter after Gary said T’Pau (and Carol Decker) hadn’t sung in tune. What’s more, there was no reason for him to come out and make that comment while critiquing Amelia Lily. Carol Decker (@caroldecker), responded, calling Gary names, commenting that she’s pitch perfect (go check it out some of the comments on twitter). The second highlight was the advert for Happy Feet 2 which was a perfect pastiche of The X Factor, but with cute penguins!

Now, onto the performances. Lucky for Little Mix, their dodgy first performance was during the crossover time with Strictly Come Dancing and they’ll be remembered much more for their rendition of Beautiful. I don’t know whether I preferred the stripped-back singing or styling (was nice to see them in jeans). Not sure if I can forgive them for mixing Bieber and Diana Ross. Janet was really mixed, forgetting the words again in MmmBop, really? Blaming it on feeling sick, but she managed to remember all of Under the Bridge which definitely sounded better, but overall she had a pretty bad night. It’s a shame, but I think her best performances were probably at the start of the competition.

Misha B has way more Kelly in her VTs than the other girls, just something I noticed. She certainly has a voice (like Janet, whether you like it or not), she’s so much more likeable these days than in the days of the rhino horn hairstyles – probably because she smiles now. Liked the first performance more than the second one, which has nothing really to do with the quality of the singing and is more about my weariness with the show tonight. But I didn’t enjoy Killing Me Softly as much as I wanted to. Marcus had a fab Christmas jumper in his VT (I really want to vote purely on VTs one week), didn’t love the Wham! Number, mostly because of the arrangement but enjoyed seeing him do a ballad. I hope he’s still in next week.

As for Amelia Lily, she can certainly sing. And she gave us Deckergate, after a really interesting performance for her – I preferred her soft styling but she still seems so much older than her age. And I’m not sure about the likeability factor either. I didn’t love the Kelly Clarkson number, but her first performance was enough to keep her in another week for me. I don’t know what it is about the show, though. There were songs I really like in it, for a welcome change. There were songs I can hum along to. Many of the performances were perfectly adequate. But by the end of the show I was still left a little bored and had to remind myself what everyone had sung. Roll on the results show.

What did you think of the performances this week? Let us know in the comments.

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