Vegas Baby!

First of all, do not read this review if you haven't watched the first two series of Misfits, unless you want to read a major spoiler.

Now, if you are up-to-date with this series - follow the link and watch this short webisode, released today.

Right - you've watched it and you're ready to have a mini-review of it?


After the Christmas special, it appears Nathan has picked up some magic abilities and is planning to use them to play the casinos of Vegas with Marnie and baby Nathan in tow. Being a bit of a gobby delinquent, he goes way too far and wins far too much, annoying casino management and leading to a chase scene that ends with an unconventional bunny magic trick. Carted off to jail, he rings his old community service pals, only to have the phone answered by 'the new guy'.

The webisode bridges the previous season with the upcoming season, providing a farewell to fan favourite Nathan and giving us a welcome glimpse at our new character, Rudy (Joe Gilgun). After the credits, there's also the treat of a 2-minute trailer for series 3 of Misfits.

While using webisodes may not be ideal for catching a show's viewership, this Misfits special has been added to 4OD immediately on launch, so can be seen via PS3, iPad, and other devices which host the service. It's definitely more impactful than many such short episodes, since we really are saying goodbye to an integral part of the show's success.

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