Twin Peaks: 3.05

As the Twin Peaks revival continues, the narrative is finally starting to become more cohesive. Good Cooper continues to gain awareness of the real world while the bad Cooper plays his mind games from his prison cell. The scene where he flashes back to memories of his connection to Bob in the Black Lodge and the mirror smashing moment from the season two cliff-hanger remain as disturbing as ever and while Bob Silva’s Bob is sadly not with us, he is still very much of the Bad Cooper. “Are you still there?” he drools, as his reflection in his cell mirror contorts between Bob and Cooper.

Later on, his malevolence enables him to dial a number that plays havoc with the prison system; whether is this a message to the outside world or a way of playing with his captors remains to be seen. The mysterious black box in Argentina may offer answers – perhaps another of what seems to be several gateways back to the Black Lodge?

While I am eager to see the old Dale Cooper we love back in action, the revival is still having fun with his adjustment as he takes second doppelganger Dougie’s place. His wife still has no idea who he is and his colleagues appear to be acting in the same way. It’s all a little silly, admittedly bordering on stupid at times, but seeing Cooper rediscover his love for coffee is adorable and I had a small grin when he muttered the world agent. I hope the cogs start turning soon.

In the same part of the US, we also find that his winnings at the casino had horrific consequences for the manager who finds himself beaten and kicked by Robert Knepper’s terrifying owner / gangster Rodney Mitchum. There is a brutality in Lynch’s direction, reminiscent of Black Velvet with a touch of surreal as the three pink ladies watch from the side. Knepper always plays villains well and he has made an exciting debut here. I'm intrigued to see what happens next.

Talking of Black Velvet, there was a touch of Dennis Hopper’s psychotic Frank Booth in the disturbing scene in the Bang Bang Bar (the new Roadhouse?) as were introduced to a new generation of Horne, played by Eamon Farren. We don't know where he comes from; an illegitimate offspring of Ben Horne, or the son of the yet unseen Audrey? He certainly had Audrey's mannerisms when he smoked, though his sudden assault on the unsuspecting young woman was completely unlike her. It's another intriguing weaving of the narrative back into the town of Twin Peaks.

And this episode certainly gave us more and more of the town. Hawk and Andy continued their investigation into Agent Cooper's case files, while the episode gave us its highlight in the broadcasted ramblings of Lawrence Jacoby, now living in the woods and sprouting propaganda online as Dr Amp. We discovered the mystery of the gold spray painted shovels with his delightful 'gold shit digging shovel' commercial (only $29.99!). Well that's one way to deal with all the crap in your life. And of course Nadine (along with businessman turned hippy Jerry Horne) was his biggest listener.

The world of Twin peaks continue to grow; Nadine's former beau and high school jock Mike was now all grown up an selling cars, while still being a bit of a jerk to potential employee Steven (Caleb Landry Jones), who is surely the new Bobby of the series. Off his head of drugs and cruising around town, he even has a girlfriend in Amanda Seyfried's Becky. The blond daughter of Shelley (and we assume Bobby), she certainly shares Laura's penchant for cocaine, though it remains to be seen how dark and twisted her path will go. Given the way the revival has gone, it is virtually impossible to determine what will happen next. It was great to see Shelley and Norma back in the RR diner though.

And the wider mysteries at play, there is a sense of things coming together. Prostitute Jade finds Cooper's hotel room key that he brought back from the Black Lodge and posts it to the Great Northern. New FBI agent Tammy Preston appears to uncover clues to Cooper in her investigation while the coroner in Davenport investigating the murder from part 1 discovers Dougie's wedding ring in the stomach of the headless corpse. Even the Pentagon seems to be involved, tracking finger prints relating to the (we presume deceased) Major Briggs, which brings the military to North Dakota where the evil Cooper is being held.

There was no progression this week on Albert and Gordon's investigation but we were finally starting to more old faces enter the mix, from Shelly and Norma to Nadine - even though we still have virtually no idea what their lives are like 25 years later. I just hope, amusing as it is, that the good Cooper starts to regain his senses soon, because I'm ready for the old FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper to return to the fold. And a reappearance by Audrey wouldn't go amiss too...

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