Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan: 1.06 Sources and Methods

Episode five finished with Hanin leaving the refugee camp to get to Europe. This episode picks up just after that and centres on Jack and Greer's chase to get to her and her daughters before they get on the boat. Something that is further complicated by the fact that Yazid survived being blown up by a drone.

Hanin's journey is not a pretty one, and she and her daughters are transported like cattle to the ocean, as other refugees' bodily fluids coat the bed of the truck. The terrible conditions that they go through aren't easy to watch, but, as I said in my last review, they are important for people to see. Real people go on the same journey because it seems like the only way out, the only way to safety. This isn't something that we, as a society, can ignore.

Touching on serious issues is something that Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan has done pretty well so far. The main focus has been racism and how women from different backgrounds can be treated differently, but there is a central thread of morality throughout the show. A part of this episode that hasn't really come up before is the idea that in order to get results, you have to compromise. This is a sentiment that Greer agrees with but Jack doesn't. I'm honestly not sure what I make of it, but it is nice to see both sides of the argument.

Meanwhile, Victor has found a way to clear his conscience. This episode sees him travel to Syria in order to apologise, and give his casino winnings, to the family of the man he incorrectly killed. While the ease with which he manages to get to Syria is largely unbelievable, this was a sweet little subplot. It ties together the guilt that Victor feels because of his job by directly apologising for what he has done and putting himself in harm's way by doing so, something that he never does in his trailer in Nevada. We don't see Victor leave Syria though, so my best guess is that he is going to get caught by Suleiman and thrown in the cell with all of the rest of his hostages.

Another thread that is finally tied in to the main fabric of the show is Cathy. Her connection to the Suleiman case ia finally revealed, along with what could be Suleiman's final plan, when she discovers that there has been a quarantine breach of a vaccine resistant strain of Ebola. With this revelation coming so late in the season, I wonder if Suleiman's story is going to end with episode eight, or carry on into the next season. There would be pros and cons either way, as the story may not be developed enough to finish yet, but continuing it for another season may make it feel like it is dragging on.

Either way there is catastrophe in the future, because, even though they now have Hanin, Jack and Greer may not be able to catch up to Suleiman in time. I am still unsure of how I feel about Jack Ryan overall, but I am going to keep watching to the end.

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