Timeless: 2.07 Mrs. Sherlock Holmes

The Timeless season finale aired in the US this past weekend and the fan support for this show has really stepped it up and brought this it to the attention of social media users; figures too for the final were up on previous weeks. At the time of writing this review there has been no word from NBC on whether it is renewed or cancelled. Fingers are crossed...

First of all let’s just talk about Jessica and what I have been saying for weeks now? Seemingly at the end of this episode Agent Christopher and Mason find an image of her in the Rittenhouse documents that they have retrieved from the hardware that Wyatt got from the raid on their HQ in the last episode. Is she an agent or a spy, did Rittenhouse play a hand in resurrecting her? Is it all just a big coincident? Is this going to be answered this season?

The gang travel back to New York 1919 and need the help of one Mrs. Sherlock Holmes to prove the innocence of Suffrage Alice Paul. In reality (and I did have to look this up, shame on me) Grace Humiston didn't have anything to do with the women's rights movement but the writers of Timeless seamlessly wove a tale to bring her to the forefront and correct history after Rittenhouse succeed in killing Alice Paul. Lucy has a really poignant moment at the end of this episode where she says that Alice will now just be a footnote in history and only she will remember what really happened. Again driving home that message about changing history and its consequences.

The main A plot of this week show might as well have been a B plot, the real drama was the character interactions and boy did we get a lot. Firstly Emma, someone who is just painted as a bad guy gets some screen time and back story, all of which leads you to why? Why be on Rittenhouse's team when they place so little value on women and their rights? Why spend 10 years in the 1800's in isolation as a test knowing what you went through as a child and what is in front of you? Pushing that to one side you get to see genuine emotion from Emma that is more than "I want to kill Lucy." It is not made very clear though what her feelings towards Grand Pa Keynes is though as he puts the moves on her. You would think a man that just tried to wipe out the women’s rights movement would repulse her?

This honesty leads to the best line of the episode as Flynn hands Emma a gun as a sign of trust and Rufus blurts out "Great now both my enemies have guns."

Rufus takes totally the opposite tact with the news of his impending doom then I thought, instead of several episodes of him worrying about his death he decides he is invincible and acts in a very un-Rufus like manner. It is funny to see him act so irrationality especially as he changes history on a regular basis and to see him be so brave when he takes on a police officer in a fist fight only to get beaten up. Either way he has no love lost for Flynn who he is partnered up with. I wonder if this will tone down next week and he realises he doesn’t’ have a free pass unless he is in the old west.

Despite being my favourite a number of the Timeless team, the rest don’t have much love for Flynn; Wyatt warns him to stay away from Lucy and then Rufus is worried that Flynn will try to kill him. As Lucy and Flynn discuss what happened the previous night I found myself conflicted, was I happy or disappointed with the outcome? Am I still hoping that Lucy and Wyatt get back together or would she better off with Flynn? I actually don’t know.

Lucy is personally invested in this week’s trip in to the past and for a brief moment I thought that it would be her who steps ups and makes the impassioned speech in front of the President. It is amusing seeing such a strong character being ignored by the men of 1919 and it is interesting to observe how the social norms of the day have changed and yet they really haven’t. When Lucy asks the policeman in the hotel if the President has been shot he gets annoyed and tells Flynn to “control your wife.”  I do like the fact that almost every week there are these little titbits that make you think about more than just the mere story.

Wyatt and Lucy have a heart to heart or rather Wyatt rather chauvinistically tells Lucy to stay away from Flynn and she gives him a piece of her mind. Considering the story line of the main plot, this was an excellent episode to drop this into; the continued arc through every episode that has made this season so joyful to watch.

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