Timeless 2.06 The King of the Delta Blues

As we head in to the second half of season two Rufus and Jiya are able to add a fourth seat to the lifeboat and for the first time ever Connor Mason gets to travel in time and has his moment to shine. So far this season he has been been shunted to a minor character who appears, moans and then disappears.

This time round he gets to drink himself into a stupor, give a drunken speech about being a no one and saves the day with his intimate knowledge about the birth of Rock 'n Roll. It is great to see Patterson Joseph do something more then just brief comedy relief or being kicked around by Agent Christopher. Mason is hopeful and energetic and does what it takes to save the day, something that he probably hadn't fathomed he would ever do and something that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

At least during his one, and only trip so far, he managed to immortalise himself on a historical record and got to call himself Lando Calrissian. I thought the fact that Mason, who was motivated enough to build a time machine, had no desire to travel in time himself fascinating. Here he is being a pioneer but is too afraid to take a trip into the past. I have already planned how I would take over the world if I ever invent or come across an abandoned time machine. At the very least most people would have an event they would like to witness for themselves.

Having failed to kill off two Presidents in previous weeks, Rittenhouse goes after the roots of Rock 'n' Roll by saving the life of Robert Johnson who as legend has it sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his godlike music ability. It is a shame that the more interesting aspect of Johnson selling his soul is not explored at all. I am vaguely familiar with the legend and I think it would have been a far more interesting episode had the Rittenhouse agent not been so inept and tried to hastily kill Johnson in a crowded bar. Rittenhouse need to vet their sleeper agents with a bit more care; this person probably had ample time to kill Johnson yet chose to execute her plan in the most haphazard of ways that just make the organisation seem unprofessional.

I like the idea though that this one record inspired Rock 'n Roll which inspired a whole generation, which in turn inspired a change in attitudes towards war, civil rights and a whole host of other things. Again driving home that message the littlest things can have a huge impact on history.

With Flynn now firmly trusted by the team, for some maybe out of necessity rather then choice, he takes great pleasure at being issued with a gun and easily slips into the Wyatt role. While watching this episode something occurred to me while Flynn was fighting Rittenhouse all of last season he was running round time quite happily and dramatically changing history and seems to have dropped that totally now and is content to go after sleeper agents. I do wonder if there is something dramatic planned for his character I do get the feeling he would be the most expendable.

The other plot line focuses on Agent Christopher sending Wyatt, on his own, to take down a Rittenhouse facility or two. I didn't really expect this plot line to go anywhere and it kind of didn't; okay Rittenhouse and Grandpa Keynes are on the run but I have to ask what sort of madman would at the very sound of an alarm detonate a bomb without checking what the alarm was. Even more worryingly the detonator was within arms length. Someone isn't playing with a full deck. The real moment of tension comes when Wyatt comes face to face with Carol Preston, as much as Agent Christopher and I both shouted take the shot (my screams may not have been so polite) he is unable to take her out. Talk about conflicts of interest, one of the women he is in love with has a mother that probably wouldn't think twice about killing him if the roles were reversed and yet had he taken the shot Lucy would probably never forgive him. You really have to feel sorry for Wyatt he really does have the weight of the world on his shoulders right now.

Not a particularly memorable episode but it is laying the groundwork for what comes next. I do feel as though there hasn't been anywhere near enough Grandpa Keynes, since the second episode of the season he has pretty much been quiet and hasn't really done much except order execution of his granddaughter. And worst of all Jiya tells Rufus that she has had a premonition of him dying. Cue the next four episodes of Rufus fretting over this fact, doing everything he can to avoid it only to have his actions cause the very events he is trying to avoid and die during the season cliffhanger only to have the show cancelled and you never find out if he survives. Don't be a #clockblocker NBC!

I know the review should really end here but just what the hell happened there with Lucy, Flynn and the bottle of Vodka! That kind of thinking may lead to fun for a night but in that tight knit bunker it can only end in disaster.

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