Timeless 2.05 The Kennedy Curse

Five episodes in and the show is really gathering momentum now with another very enjoyable episode this week. With each installment, I am starting to like the cavalier attitude the show has for time travel. Rufus doesn’t even hesitate in telling JFK how to avoid his death; surely that would have just as large impact on the future as anything Rittenhouse is trying to do? Is there something deeper going on here?

Carol. who must be so conflicted right now between the bonds of motherhood and her devotion to Rittenhouse, comes out fighting to try and save her daughter by kidnapping Agent Christopher and threatening her family. It does come across as irrational behaviour and as Agent Christopher points out, if she expects Lucy to sit out the rest of this fight, then she doesn’t know here daughter. The problem I have with this is there has been no real context as to why people are devoted to Rittenhouse, I mean yeah sure they now have a time machine and have brought Keynes to the future, but who decided to do this? Why would a young Carol devote her life to this? I really hope there is a episode this season that really bring that storyline to the forefront.

The real drama in this episode is the three-way love triangle between Wyatt, Jessica and Lucy which is aptly handled; never do I once feel I am watching a CW show. It might be a contrived soap opera plot, missing or assumed dead wife reappears just at the moment husband finds a new love, but it works. I do kind of feel as though Jessica unfairly (if rightly so) comes to the conclusion that Wyatt and Lucy are a thing just because of the way he looks at her after saving her life; after all they do work closely week after week and share a close bond. The writers are handling multiple storylines far better than I thought would be the case; instead of making the  love triangle a borefest they make the viewer really feel the pain that both Lucy and Wyatt are in and you can have a lot of sympathy for all three characters. There are even shear laugh out loud funny moments, Jessica proclaiming that Lucy is "just a teacher" was a particular highlight.

I still have this inkling that Jessica is a Rittenhouse spy, she was ready to walk way far too quickly as though it was part of a ploy. Maybe I am reading too much into this, but my gut tells me that the timeline changing and she being alive was not an accident and probably not related to Hedy Lamarr becoming a tech tycoon.

The main A story is very intriguing and for the second week in a row Rittenhouse go after a future President of the United States. This week it is the turn of JFK who is brought back to the future in an attempt to evade being killed. Predictable perhaps, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable; the future President escapes from the time traveling gang and is let loose in 2018. A throw away line informing viewers that he signed the civil rights act (perhaps in the Timeless time line) lead nicely into the time the young Kennedy would spend with Kayla and which perhaps influenced his stance on civil rights.

I especially liked JFK reading the about his family; this really was a heart wrenching moment as you share the sadness of this young man who knows nothing of the future and as a viewer are faced with the realisation that he is about to read about the death of so many of his siblings and his own. A fate you could not possibly wish on anyone.

There is one further moment of heart stopping action as Emma opens fire on JFK as he tries to flee from Wyatt and just for an instant my heart was in my mouth and I actually yelled out thinking that they were actually going to kill of the future President. Now that would have been bold and would serve as a great reminder as to why history should not be tampered with and why Rittenhouse needs to be stopped. A sequence follows that shows a fallen coin morphing from one President to another but this is never really explained, as by the end of the episode history is restored and Kennedy is still assassinated.

Garcia Flynn is limited to just a couple of scenes but still makes time to drop a couple of one liners that made me chuckle and then shows his sensitive side as he shares a beer with Lucy who is trying to come to terms with her situation. Rittenhouse is trying to kill her, her mother is threatening her friends and she just lost Wyatt to someone who came back form the dead, surely that deserve more then just one beer? We are at the halfway mark for the season and I am sure looking forward to second half, hopping with all the will in the world that time is not running out for Timeless.

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