Timeless: 2.04 The Salem Witch Hunt

If I was to sum up this week.s episode in one sentence, best episode of season two so far would pretty much describe it. Having Garcia Flynn back in the thick of things brings back that season one vibe. Whereas Keynes comes across as a bitter old man, despite being relatively young, who can't stand what the modern world has become, Flynn has actual purpose and conviction for all his actions. And just as I predicted last week, Wyatt goes AWOL and Flynn takes his place on this week's mission.

I had been thinking that sending sleeper agents into the not to distance past was a futile endeavor and going back further into the past would yield much greater results. Heck this week it wasn't even a sleeper agent, it was Lucy's mother that simply had to accuse one Abiah Folger, mother of Benjamin Franklin, of being a witch. Simple, elegant and you could be back home in time for supper no need to spend a large portion of your life without a smartphone, high speed internet and Netflix.  Had Rittenhouse succeeded Ben Franklin would never have be born and the future of the United States would be very different. I do hope these themes are visited in future and we actually get an episode where Rittenhouse actually succeed in dramatically altering the future.

You have to feel for poor old Wyatt, he must be so conflicted right now and everything must be so overwhelming for him; no matter how much military training one has there is nothing that can prepare you for the return of your wife, who has been dead for 6 years. Especially when you have just found solace in the arms of another. To the credit of the writers here they could have dragged this out over the next 20-odd episodes, Wyatt could have hid this from Lucy, acted moody and unpleasant and generally bored the hell out of the audience. But they tackled it head on, Wyatt told Lucy and she in turn tells the team. A show where there characters actually talk to each other? I feel like someone has gone back in time and changed the way TV shows are made!

To be fair to Wyatt he handled this about as well as one can all things considered but you have to wonder now that he has got his second chance is there any reason for him to travel in time? But a little part of me thinks just possibly, and maybe because I am a cynic, that Jessica may be in bed with Rittenhouse? The highlight of the episode belongs to her as well  as she bumps into Connor Mason and exclaims to Wyatt "You know Connor Mason?"

Jiya finally comes forward and tells Rufus about her new ability. For weeks I have been dumbfounded as to why she wouldn't tell anyone. Seeing how Rufus reacted I can see why, and even though I may have taken a dislike to Jiya's character, Rufus was just down right cold to her at the end of the episode as he blamed the out come of her premonition solely on her. This surely will bring an interesting dynamic to the show where she may hold important information but can't tell anyone for the fear of a self fulfilling prophecy. Or it might just make her even more annoying then she already is.

Another trip into the past means something must have been changed by the time team and they have now changed history so that the Salem Witch Trials never happened and that period is now known and the Salem Witch Revolt. At this pace surely our trio is changing the past more significantly then Rittenhouse. A special mention must go to Flynn who desperately and comically tries to find a weapon to defend the team with.

Lucy once again thwarts her mother and Grandpa Keynes, showing his old world attitude by scolding Carolyn for being nothing more then a mother, is having no more of it regardless of whether Lucy is his grand daughter or not. Emma will be gunning for Lucy, expect a showdown between the two very soon. One has to wonder if Carolyn may be swayed to change sides.

On the whole this was a great episode with a nice mix of historical facts mixed with Timeless drama, the only real downside was no fabulous dress for Lucy this week. I just hope they keep Flynn around for a bit longer; I really enjoy his gung-ho attitude.

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