The Walking Dead: 5.05 Self Help

Be careful there are spoilers ahead.

A strange episode of our favourite gore show this week. The Walking Dead had a second Rick-less week, focusing on Abraham and his band of motley world savers. Key to this episode were the back story of Abraham himself, and the walking savior of Earth (or not?) Eugene.

First up the action, there were two cool scenes this week, the bus crash and ensuing walker slaughter, and the water cannon. You might think the writers would run out of inventive ways to kill walkers by now and the default mode of knife to the head is pretty dull, but conjuring something like the water cannon up was certainly different. The gang have become so proficient at getting rid of walkers that they now hold little or no threat for the viewer as well as the onscreen characters.

This week was all about two character though, it was time to see where Abraham came from, and how Eugene came to know how to save the world. Turns out he doesn't, that's the shocker this week. After 40 minutes of splicing Abraham's flashbacks - he had a wife and children who were scared of his walker / people slaying ways, left him, got eaten, he didn't want to go on, met Eugene... - with Eugene saying more than he has since we met him it all culminated in Eugene's confession that he isn't a scientist. He's just a bit of a nutter.

Now this revelation is obvious when you think about it but it was still a shock in the scheme of things as Eugene was the one ray of light in a dark, dark world that the show has built. Now the dynamic between Abraham and Eugene has changed irrevocably it will be interesting to see how the show treats them.

Will we see Rick and the other gang next week? It'll be good to get back to them if we do, or are we the only ones who find them the most interesting?

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