The Walking Dead: 4.07 - Dead Weight

Spoilers ahead, do not read on if you have not seen episode seven, Dead Weight.
So after The Governor centric episode last week we’re back to the prison… we’re not? Oh… So a second week focused only on The Governor and his sub-plot, The Walking Dead really is like no other show out there at the moment. And it’s split the fans right down the middle, some are loving the slow moving plot and deep character development, others are hating it for that very reason. It’s been a weird first half as we approach the mid-season finale.
This week The Governor slips from his new ‘Brian’ persona deeper into his old and actual role, The Governor. In the pre-credit sequence we cut between a reminder of his rescue from the pit by a reluctant Martinez, and a chat with his new ‘daughter’ Meghan about good and bad people. It definitely foreshadows the twists of the coming hour. Adding in new characters on a regular basis is a must for the show, dispatching of its cast as it does, and this week brings Mitch and Pete, who’ll be familiar to viewers of genre shows Fringe and Dollhouse.
You know that nothing good is going to come from this episode as soon as Mitch coins the nickname “One-eye Bri”, and The Governor doesn’t look best pleased. There’s a bit of exposition as the newbie and Martinez detail their background to fill out their characters a bit before the inevitable cull that’s bound to happen, to Mitch in particular.

Martinez attempts to make himself feel better about rescuing The Governor by making sure he’s not the same crazy manic of old, by asking him if he’s different. Way to go Martinez, you trust him? Well you shouldn’t, and don’t ever play golf with him. A swift golf club to the back of the head later and Martinez is no more, dragged to a pit of Walkers and left to be eaten. Confirmation then that The Governor isn’t “good people”, and shouting “I don’t want it, I don’t want it” over and over doesn’t make him seem any less insane.
Having seen Pete’s lack of leadership skills The Governor attempts to leave town with his new family, only to be stopped by a mass of mud caked Walkers, it’s quite a grim scene. But surely there’s another way out of town? It seems not as the next step is to return to the camp and knife Pete in the back before dumping him off the edge of the jetty. See you later “One-eye Bri”, The Guv is most definitely back, wearing his dark leather jacket once again. After convincing Mitch, a little too easily considering he’s just murdered his brother, to be his second in command the scene is set for a new Woodbury, only is that enough for the power mad Governor? The feeling this isn't enough is strengthened by an attack on Meghan by a Walker which he dispatches just in the nick of time. With the camp fully onside he has an ominous conversation with Lilly, “We can find a better place; if we’re prepared to fight for it”. Can you see what’s coming? Just to top it all off we see The Governor staring at Pete, who is weighed down in the lake and now in full Walker mode. He’s one crazy son of a gun.
And so, onwards to the mid-season finale. As I said, it’s been a strange slow moving season with spurts of action, but where the main characters have been sidelined somewhat. Really, what have Glen, Maggie, Daryl and Michonne contributed? There’s also the worry that we’re in for a repeat of the Season Three finale, with The Governor and his gang vs Rick and the team, but who can tell with The Walking Dead. There are a load of loose ends dangling at the moment, some of which may get resolved next week, and there’s another eight episodes to go early next year.

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