The Walking Dead: 4.06 - Live Bait

Starting with a full recap of how The Governor got to where he is, we know what to expect in ‘Live Bait’. Or do we? First thing though, for a show that does the best zombie, sorry Walker, make up ever, David Morrissey has a terrible fake beard. Why is it they can create whole worlds and creatures using CGI and make up, but not convincing facial hair? Anyhow, forget that, The Governor is back!
In a swift montage he’s left by his henchmen after going into a morose thousand yard stare, then spends what seems to be a few weeks wandering the streets and roads, in full dazed mode. Eventually he stumbles across a building with inhabitants, two women, an old(ish) man, and a child. He arrives at their front door - “No, don’t let him in” you think - but they do and as that distinctive title music starts up you feel the chills. Then nothing really happens. For about thirty minutes. Sure it’s establishing a family for him we get that, it’s a chance to start again, and there’s the kid. It’s like she’s his daughter, only she isn’t. But he helps them, pretending to be someone new and tries to forget what he’s done before. So far so soap opera, maybe George Romero was right.

Then it heats up, only it doesn’t. For the last twenty minutes the four of them drive and walk aimlessly, having killed the grandfather - the new family don’t know how to kill Walkers, or that everyone will be a Walker when dead. Then they come across some Walkers and… NOTHING HAPPENS. Before finally, The Governor has to despatch four of the Biters (his vernacular) with his bare hands, which is pretty cool. And then, having fallen into a massive pit without injuring himself, one of his cronies peers into the pit. AND THAT’S IT!
After the explosive events in the prison last week, and the final reveal that The Governor was watching them this was a disappointment. Being kind you’d say it was a slow burner, or more honestly, boring. We don’t learn anything new about the character, just reinforcement of the fact he misses his daughter, that he had a family, but what are we supposed to feel? Sympathy? Dread? Mainly it was ambivalence. So, a filler week for The Walking Dead then, lets hope something happens next week.

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