The Prince Of Winterfell

Last week, things started to drag for me in Game of Thrones land. The storylines ran on a treadmill, and although most are still well acted, the lack of progress was hard to ignore as we trudge towards the end of the season.

There are now only three to go, including this one. So, what’s going on? Does everyone appear? Are the Stark boys really dead? (Spoilers in following paragraph, if you needed the warning.)

No. No, they’re not. But to be honest, their “death” was presented so badly that it would’ve been a bigger plot twist if it had been genuine. So, yes, the cliffhanger on this episode is another obvious moment, from the department who brought you Jon Snow’s “They’re killing the male children!” revelation in a previous episode, to which the audience responded “Yeah, you don’t say”.

I suppose it does bring us the news that the boys are still hiding in Winterfell, which must come into play. Meanwhile, in other non-developments, Jon Snow falls down a snowy verge, Robb finally gives in to his dirty wrong urges, Theon finally begins to realise he is a moron, Jaime is freed for the second time in as many episodes (did enjoy his “banter” with Brienne though) and Danerys stands in Qarth shouting about how awesome she is. Like she does every week.

Most of the substance this week is in King’s Landing as Cersei tries to use Tyrion’s prostitute against him, but much to my amusement, nabs the wrong one. That did raise a smile, although I suspect she will correct that error soon enough and the real woman in question will end up pretty dead.

Meanwhile, Stannis is coming to mess up the city, and considering this is a day away, they don’t seem to be building the impending doom much. Most of the drama seems to centre around how exactly Joffrey will humiliate himself. Nonetheless, the scenes where the competent half of the government work out how they’ll avoid dying were fun.

Based on the timescale we’ve been given, surely the fighting must get started next week? That’ll mix things up a little. Because, yes, I’m getting bloodthirsty. Please let at least one major character get sliced in half.

Game Of Thrones airs on Mondays at 9PM on Sky Atlantic. More details on their official site.

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